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We’ve been big fans of Ugreen since many years ago. We use their cables, M.2 SSD enclosures, and even power banks – and now, Ugreen has their own True Wireless Earbuds. Wait, what?

Yeah, Ugreen has their own true wireless earbuds now, which is aptly named as Ugreen True Wireless Earbuds. And here’s our complete review of it.

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The overall packaging design is fairly simple, like other Ugreen products. It has an image of the earbuds and the cradle itself, alongside with some feature highlights. Come to think of it, that image of the earbuds might be on a 1:1 scale.

Ugreen True Wireless Earbuds

At the back, we have some specs listed. Nothing much to see here other than the expected 3.5 hour battery at 75% volume, Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, and also its battery capacities.

Ugreen True Wireless Earbuds

Opening up, we can find the basics that come with true wireless earbuds – a user manual, the USB charging cable – micro USB by the way – and a pack of differently sized eartips. We have a total of 3 sizes here – S, M, and L.

Ugreen True Wireless Earbuds


Okay, this is my favorite part of the Ugreen True Wireless Earbuds. This thing is tiny in comparison with any other true wireless earbuds I’ve tried so far – and we’ve tested a lot of them. Remember when we said the image on the box is printed in a 1:1 scale? Here’s why.

Ugreen True Wireless Earbuds

Yeah, this thing that tiny. It’s made out of this glossy plastic material that I’m not too keen about. Also, it’s using a micro USB port at the bottom to charge. It’s time to move on to USB-C, guys.

Ugreen True Wireless Earbuds

Opening up, we can see the earbuds themselves. Yeah, they take up most of the space already, and there’s really nothing else to see here.

Ugreen True Wireless Earbuds

The earbuds themselves are rather common in design too. It has an oblong-shaped body and an indicator LED to tell the status. But that matte piece of plastic there is actually a touch panel.


The Ugreen True Wireless Earbuds has touch panels on both sides of the earbuds. Its implementation is rather unique as well, as listed down here.

Ugreen True Wireless Earbuds
Left Right
Double-tap Play/pause Play/pause
Hold for 1 second Previous song Next song
Double-tap during calls Answer/hang up Answer/hang up
Hold for 2 seconds during calls Reject call Reject call
Triple-tap while on standby Voice assistant Voice assistant

Ugreen did something good here by not having any gestures assigned to single-tapping. This prevents accidental presses which happened a lot during my time with the Sudio Fem review. The same goes for the Tronsmart Spunky Beat, by the way.

A minor complaint is that we cannot enter pairing mode with the Ugreen True Wireless Earbuds. You’ll have to disconnect from one device before pairing to another device.

Ugreen True Wireless Earbuds

You can also only invoke voice assistant when no music is playing. If you use voice assistant through your true wireless earbuds, then pay attention to this.

Truly independent earbuds

When we reviewed the Sudio Fem few months ago, we loved its independence on both sides of the earbuds. Now, that independence is found on the Ugreen True Wireless Earbuds too.

We paired to one side and we can forget about it entirely because the transition between the left and the right side is just seamless and quick. It just works flawlessly – and I love it.

Listening test

Now, the Ugreen True Wireless Earbuds is a very typical-looking pair of true wireless earbuds. It fits in the ear pretty comfortably. You’ll just have to park the earbud on the ear. The eartip however, is a little weird since it’s not conical in shape, but cylindrical.

Ugreen True Wireless Earbuds

The bass thumps quite hard on the Ugreen True Wireless Earbuds. It’s tight and punchy. Listening to any EDM or electronic music sounds fantastic on this pair of earbuds.

As for the mids, I find it to be good, though like in Jump Up, Super Star! from Super Mario Odyssey, the vocals and mids are overwhelmed by the bass. However, with orchestral songs like Rosalina in the Observatory by The 8-Bit Big Band, it’s just gorgeous.

The highs are a little lacking here as it has been dragged down. For me, I find it to be okay since I don’t like the high-pitched sparkles anyway.

Battery life

The battery life of the Ugreen True Wireless Earbuds is somewhat okay. It can last for about 3.5 hours at a comfortable volume – definitely lower than 75% by the way – and that’s okay.

Ugreen True Wireless Earbuds

Charging via the cradle is as usual – popping it into the earbud and the orange LED on each earbud lights up. The cradle itself has an indicator LED – and that also lights up in red while charging.

If you’re charging the cradle though, it’ll light up in blue when the cradle is fully charged.

Wrapping up the Ugreen True Wireless Earbuds review

Ugreen certainly surprised me when they told me that they also have their own true wireless earbuds. Then, it surprised me again as it has its own unique parts – like the lack of a single-tap gesture to prevent accidental pressures, and also the true independence between the left and right sides.

Ugreen True Wireless Earbuds

Though, some parts need improving – like how to invoke voice assistant and also its inability to enter pairing mode. Also, seriously – time to move on to USB-C. No more micro USB.

Now, as for the price – the Ugreen True Wireless Earbuds is at RM110.39 only. I mean – what the heck? For all the features, it is priced around the same as the Redmi AirDots (review) – and I’m stunned by for affordable the Ugreen ones are.

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Where to buy?

Lazada here. By the way, you can get RM10 discount with this special voucher. Valid until 31st January 2020.

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