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Okay, so the Vivo X60 Pro. This phone was officially announced recently and it comes with iterative upgrades over its predecessor, the Vivo X50 Pro that we reviewed last year. In today’s review, let’s go through them and see what’s new.

I highly recommend you watch the video version of this review since many things can only be shown through a video.

Overall, I think that the Vivo X60 Pro does need a few more fine-tunes here and there to make sure its photography and videography capabilities are realized fully. As what is shown in the video, pictures taken with night mode don’t look as good as without the night mode – and the gimbal system feels like there’s nothing special compared to OIS in terms of stabilizing the video footage.

Vivo X60 Pro

And finally – the price. At RM3,299 – the Vivo X60 Pro does seem to be pricy at the time being. As it stands now, the Vivo X60 Pro doesn’t seem like a worthy upgrade over the X50 Pro from last year as I think that there is still a lot of room for improvement on the X60 Pro.

Vivo X60 Pro

Perhaps after those improvements are done via software updates, then the price of RM3,299 will be more worth its price.

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