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The brand new WD My Passport (2016) is a beautiful piece of gadget to be brought around. In this case, beauty comes at a price – and that price is its beauty being a double-edged sword. It’s a dust and fingerprint magnet, and easy to get scratches. If handled with proper care, then the WD My Passport (2016) is for you.

Big companies are getting a redesign these days. They’re happening more and more often too, as we’ve observed this year. Western Digital embraced this “trend”, and got started with their brand new image and product. This is their brand new My Passport Lumen, also known as the WD My Passport (2016).

We’ve lumped up the unboxing of both the WD My Book (2016) (review here), and My Passport (2016) together in one video right here, so have a look for the full unboxing experience.

All in all, the things that come with the WD My Passport (2016) is pretty simple. Comes with a quick start guide, user manual, a short micro USB 3.0 cable, and the redesigned WD My Passport itself.

WD My Passport (2016)


Let’s talk about the biggest difference between this and its predecessor. The brand new design of the WD My Passport (2016) has the same look as the WD My Book (2016) – where the top half is made out of highly glossy and reflective plastic, and a matte plastic bottom half with these streamlines going across the entire enclosure.

WD My Passport (2016)

It’s available in a total of 6 different colours too – red, yellow, orange, blue, white, and black. Obviously the one I’ve got here is in a piano black finish.

At the back of the WD My Passport (2016) are little rubber feet on each corner to hold it in place.

WD My Passport (2016)

That’s because the WD My Passport (2016) is not meant to stand upright like the My Book, but laid down like this.

WD My Passport (2016)
Extremely glossy and reflective!

The cable and the subtle activity LED is at the bottom of the entire enclosure. There might be a reason to this, as glossy plastic can get scratches very easily – even micro-scratches. These scratches can be caused by USB cable headers too.

WD My Passport (2016)

When I saw the WD My Passport (2016), my first question was this – “how do I carry it around?”

Size and weight is not an issue – as the WD My Passport (2016) weighs in at only 241 grams.

WD My Passport (2016)

My main concern is the highly glossy and reflective material. With this material being such a scratch-magnet, putting it in a bag is a definite no go. Hence, I’ll need to either get some sort of protective film – which will degrade its beauty – or getting a case, which will only minimize, and not fully prevent any scratches.

WD My Passport (2016)

Pro-tip to those who wants to get a WD My Passport (2016) – do not peel off the protective film. That’ll save your eyes from seeing any scratches.


The WD My Passport (2016) is essentially still a 2.5-inch hard disk, but it’s operational by connecting only one micro USB 3.0 cable – a standard for external hard disks.

Its performance is as expected for any USB 3.0-based external hard disks, with its speeds ranging at about ~117MB/s in both sequential read and write speeds on average.

WD My Passport (2016)

Just average USB 3.0 external hard disk speeds.

One side note here – the WD My Passport (2016) comes in NTFS format by default. That means it is fully compatible with Windows-based machines, but not on Macs. Launch up Disk Management on Windows or Disk Utility on Mac, then select and format the WD My Passport (2016) to exFAT.

WD My Passport (2016)

Then it’ll work for Mac, Windows, and Linux without issues – except for special Mac-specific features like Time Machine.


The WD My Passport (2016) packs the same exact suite of features as the WD My Book (2016) which we’ve reviewed here. You get the WD Backup, WD Drive Utilities, and WD Security, and all of these applications’ installers are already copied in the My Passport itself.

Just plug it in, and you can install them directly from there.

I still have the same complaint as the WD My Book (2016) though, as the WD’s software suite is although useful, it’s a little fragmented. WD Sync and WD Backup does more or less the same thing, so why not combine them both together?

Wrap up

The brand new WD My Passport (2016) is definitely beautiful. Aesthetically, no other external hard disk can beat it – and definitely not the rubber-encased Transcend StoreJet 25H3 that we’ve reviewed here. Sure, there are some real issues regarding the shininess and durability of the highly glossy plastic and extra care is needed, but I think it’s worth it.

WD My Passport (2016)

Speeds aren’t different from any other eHDD in my opinion, so the upgrading from your current one isn’t exactly justified other than having a very different aesthetic.

Again just like the WD My Book (2016) that we’ve reviewed here, having USB-C with backward-compatibility will definitely be even better.

The WD My Passport (2016) comes in a total of two different variants – one for Windows, and another for Mac. They’re already in retailers nationwide, so go to your nearest mall and pick one up for yourself – or maybe for someone special this Christmas!

  • My Passport for Mac (Black only)
    • 1TB at RM319
    • 2TB at RM475
    • 3TB at RM709
    • 4TB at RM739
  • My Book (Black, White, Yellow, Red, Orange, Blue)
    • 3TB at RM519
    • 4TB at RM639
    • 6TB at RM 1,099
    • 8TB at RM 1,319
    • 10TB at RM 1,599

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