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Veterans of Android would know that Samsung had improved a lot since the original TouchWiz UI. They’re currently using the Samsung Experience firmware, but Samsung is looking to totally revamp the entire UI once again with the announcement of the new One UI.

Samsung One UI

Of course, you shouldn’t be confused with the Samsung One font that they’ve been using across all of their products. The new One UI is slated to replace the current Samsung Experience skin as it clears up clutter.

Samsung said that the One UI is “made to focus” as it Samsung claims that the UI is now made with hardware and software in mind. One particular interesting point that Samsung made is that the One UI is made to “interact naturally” and to reach what we want. Perhaps this is an indication for improved one-handed operations.

Samsung One UI

Just take a look at the new notification shortcuts. Instead of placing all the apps at the top like the existing Samsung Experience UI, they’ve been moved down. The extra space is now occupied by time and date instead. Very useful implementation, in my opinion.

Samsung One UI

We can see that many other Samsung apps are redesigned as well – including the alarm, messages, settings menu, just to name a few. From the looks of it, it seems like Samsung has a new dashboard to show alarms and schedules, tasks, and notes too. Definitely something that’s made with productivity in mind.

Samsung One UI

So how can you join the beta program for the Samsung One UI? Unfortunately, it’s not available for Malaysians. It’s open for beta testing in China, France, Germany, India, Poland, South Korea, Spain, UK, and USA.

Samsung One UI

As for how to participate, you’ll need a Samsung account (which I presume all Samsung users already have) and head on over to the Samsung Members app to sign up for the beta test.

Honestly speaking, the Samsung One UI seems to be a refreshing take on Android. While I personally use a Galaxy S9 and thought that the Samsung Experience 9.0 is already good enough, Samsung has once again showed us there is room for improvement.

You can learn more about the Samsung One UI at their official website.

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