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Let’s just take a moment here and address some of the questions and doubts that was raised regarding the Samsung Galaxy S10 family of smartphones. We have the Galaxy S10+ with us here and we want to share our initial impressions and experiences thus far.

Without further ado, let’s begin by showing you the Galaxy S10+’s packaging. Here is our unboxing.

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Samsung recently made the announcement that they are shifting towards sustainable materials for their packaging and it shows. The new Galaxy S10 series of smartphones has a completely different packaging design compared to its predecessors. It is now very compact with items stacked and packed together – and there are no magnets like before.

Samsung Galaxy S10+

Opening the box we found all accessories that were found on the previous Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series of smartphones, as listed below. We do not have the TPU case here and our Galaxy S10+ is not the Malaysian retail unit. We expect it to be from the Netherlands since it has Dutch as its default language.

  • Adaptive Fast Charger (15W)
  • USB-A male to USB-C male cable
  • Micro USB to USB-C adapter
  • USB-C to USB-A female adapter (OTG)
  • AKG earphones with different eartip sizes
  • Included TPU case (not in this variant)

That’s pretty much the same as before but with a compact cardboard box now.

Samsung Galaxy S10+

In terms of the overall design and feel of the Galaxy S10+ (or any of the Galaxy S10) is still as premium as ever. Steel, silver frame across the entire phone and the phone is really rigid.

The unit of the Galaxy S10+ we have here is in the Prism White color – which is new. This Prism White is not pure white – it is more towards a pearl color with a slight tinge of yellow. Upon further inspection, it does have a slight blue hue to it too.

Samsung Galaxy S10+

When we shone our light onto the back during our photography session, it reveals some pink too. Certainly something unique this time around from Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy S10+ first impressions 1

The first thing we notice about the phone is the humongous Dynamic AMOLED display. This new display is the first ever smartphone to support HDR10+ format and the colors are just stunning to look at.

Samsung Galaxy S10+

As for the cutout at the top right corner, I actually do not mind it. I ignored that cutout in a near instant when I started using the Galaxy S10+. Better yet, you can still swipe down on the cutout itself to bring the notifications down.

Samsung Galaxy S10+

Under this gorgeous display, we have the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner. I personally consider this as a different approach to under-display fingerprint scanner and wow, it works fantastically well. There were absolutely zero misreads – if I can guess where the scanner is. Upon laying my fingers on the scanner, it unlocks instantly every time, without failure.

Samsung Galaxy S10+

The entire Galaxy S10 series of smartphones have the same connectivity and ports. Samsung managed to retain the 3.5mm audio jack, the microSD card slot, and still have stereo speakers while being certified for IP68 water- and dust-resistance. Kudos to Samsung for retaining all of these features.

Samsung Galaxy S10+
I still can’t believe 3.5mm audio jack is a “feature” now.

On the Galaxy S10+ in particular, the massive 4,100mAh battery is certainly a boon. Let’s not forget that the Galaxy S10 series of smartphones are equipped with the new Exynos 9820 chipset as well. From our test, the new Exynos 9820 is extremely powerful and great efficiency as well.

Samsung Galaxy S10+ battery life benchmark

Take a look at our teaser benchmark here. This is on Geekbench only and our full in-depth review will come soon with the full benchmarks included.

Samsung Galaxy S10+ Geekbench benchmark
Look at that CPU score!

Finally, the cameras. Samsung’s first Galaxy S series to feature the triple camera setup. When Samsung claims there’s a camera for all occasions, it’s true. You have a wide-angle camera as the main camera, then there’s an ultrawide angle camera for even wider shots, and there is also a telephoto lens with 2x optical zoom.

Samsung Galaxy S10+

Here are a few sample shots to show off the Galaxy S10+’s prowess.

Samsung Galaxy S10+ camera sample Samsung Galaxy S10+ camera sample Samsung Galaxy S10+ camera sample Samsung Galaxy S10+ camera sample

We also have a comparison between the 3 cameras as well. Take a look at them below.

This is set 1 of our comparison.

Samsung Galaxy S10+ different camera sample set 2 Samsung Galaxy S10+ different camera sample set 2 Samsung Galaxy S10+ different camera sample set 2

This is set 2 of our comparison.

Samsung Galaxy S10+ different camera sample set 1 Samsung Galaxy S10+ different camera sample set 1 Samsung Galaxy S10+ different camera sample set 1

For the starting price of RM3,699, the Galaxy S10+ is obviously the best experience you can have with the 10th anniversary of Galaxy smartphones. Of course, you can opt for the Galaxy S10 and the Galaxy S10e as well, which are priced at RM3,299 and RM2,699 respectively.

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