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Let’s get to the main point – we all know Singaporeans like to come to JB for shopping – like IKEA and surprisingly, iPhones – because it’s cheaper here. With the new iPhone 14 series launch, should Singaporeans spend the time and money to queue at the JB checkpoint just to come over here to get the new iPhone 14?

Thanks to Jun Saito from Nukeni, this magical person did all the conversions and calculations while also including an auto-update feature as currencies fluctuate on a daily basis. Jun also disclaimed that all the prices are calculated with tax included by using the tax information provided by Avalara. The countries I added taxes to are the US and Canada.

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Price screenshots in this article were taken on 8th September 2022 at 3.00pm (GMT+8) 

iPhone 14 prices

For us in Malaysia, the prices are as below:

  • 128GB @ RM4,199
  • 256GB @ RM4,699
  • 512GB @ RM5,699

With this in mind, when we refer back to the prices that Jun Saity has compiled, the Singapore and Malaysian prices are very close to each other, though it is sometimes Malaysia is cheaper.

iPhone 14 prices

iPhone 14 Plus prices

For the iPhone 14 Plus, the local prices are:

  • 128GB @ RM4,699
  • 256GB @ RM5,199
  • 512GB @ RM6,199

iPhone 14 Plus prices

Surprisingly, for the Phone 14 Plus, Malaysian prices are consistently lower than Singapore’s price – sometimes by around RM200! Pretty huge sum considering that RM200 saved can be used to buy some other accessories for the iPhone 14 Plus as well.

iPhone 14 Pro prices

Again – the prices:

  • 128GB @ RM5,299
  • 256GB @ RM5,799
  • 512GB @ RM6,799
  • 1TB @ RM7,799

iPhone 14 Pro prices

If you’re getting the 500GB or 1TB version, then the price gap between Malaysia and Singapore is actually quite significant and can reach up to around RM150.

iPhone 14 Pro Max prices

The prices here are actually quite high this time:

  • 128GB @ RM5,799
  • 256GB @ RM6,299
  • 512GB @ RM7,299
  • 1TB @ RM8,299

iPhone 14 Pro Max prices

Looking at the prices, we can see that the same observation from the iPhone 14 Pro repeats itself for the iPhone 14 Pro Max, albeit at a much smaller scale. The price gap is still there but it’s less than RM100 difference.

So, is it cheaper in Singapore or Malaysia?

Honestly, not that much different between the two except for the iPhone 14 Plus at 512GB or 1TB variants. TBH, the entire trip to cross the border is already more expensive than the amount you saved – unless you also planned for a holiday, of course.


Looking at all the data that Jun Saito has gathered, the prices in the United States pre-tax are the lowest, but when we include tax then surprisingly – the prices in Japan are the lowest for all 4 different phones within the iPhone 14 series.

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