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It’s not a surprise that everyone is on the frontier of bringing brand new 4K TVs into the market, especially to hop on the bandwagon of high resolution displays. High end PCs can run 4K with no issues, and have a quite a lot of 4K content already – especially on YouTube and PC games. That said, PlayStation Neo is also gonna come out somewhere around this year, with the official report that it will run games at 4K resolution.

That brings us to why Sony is launching their 4K TVs with such force. Introducing 4 brand new 4K TVs.

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Firstly the X93D series, comes in 55-inch and 65-inch models. Both of these TVs are 4K HDR TVs, so they promise really vivid graphics, and the whole thing is powered by Android TV. Of course, that means you’ll get all of the best of Android right on the TV itself. This includes games, photos, movies, apps, music, and even Voice Search. Also, it comes with Google Cast – so you can display everything on your smartphone or tablet on the TV itself!


The X93D even has Slim Backlight Drive – a unique grid-array of backlight that distributes the backlight more equally.


Then comes the X85D series, which also comes in both 55-inch and 65-inch variants, and they both are 4K HDR TV, but has a slight variant in its features, like the lack of Slim Backlight Drive. Although, they are still Android TVs, so you’ll get all of the magic from Google itself.

Both of the TVs from the X93D series will be available from June 2016 onwards, whereas the X85D is now available in Malaysia for RM7,499 for the 55-inch, whereas the 65-inch goes for RM10,999.

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