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For those who have been using Spotify Free for a while now, then here are some big news for you. Don’t worry – it’s all beneficial for you. Spotify is actually upgrading the amount of features you’ll get for Spotify free accounts! For Spotify Premium users, this isn’t news to you.

Spotify is bringing in a brand new ad-supported model where they now bring more features that were only only available to premium users before this, to free users. The new Free on Spotify model as they call it, brings a number of new features to enhance your listening experience – even when you don’t have to fork out a single cent.

The ad-supported Free on Spotify model focuses on one thing – customization and personalization of a your very own playlists.

Spotify Free Taste Onboarding

Spotify now brings on-demand playlists to free users as well. Fifteen new on-demand playlists offer the ability to pick and play any track within our curated lists—without skipping tracks or waiting on shuffle to bring up the music you love. These on-demand playlists will be unique to you, based on your musical tastes, and may include Spotify-curated playlists ranging from RapCaviar and K-Pop Daebak to Ultimate Indie and Alternative R&B as well as personalized playlists like Discover Weekly, Release Radar, and Daily Mix.

When Spotify has enough data to roughly guesstimate your listening taste, it’ll suggest music that it thinks you’ll like. Everyday you’ll have one curated playlist just for you – called the Daily Mix. When you sign up, we’ll ask you about the artists you love, and we’ll deliver curated playlists that match your musical taste. These new playlists are easily accessible on the new Home screen, which is always being updated based on your listening activity.

To help Spotify understand and know more about what type of song and artist you like or dislike, there are now LIKE and HIDE buttons as you listen.

There’s also another new feature called the Data Saver, where it will “optimize the listening experience to use less mobile data while listening to music.” This can be done by toggling a switch, but we’re not sure how much it’ll impact the sound quality.

The new free experience will be available on iOS and Android in the coming weeks.

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