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The guys over at Aatma Studio just created an amazing video/trick or whatever it is – I don’t know. All I know is that it’s a domino. No, not Domino’s Pizza but the gaming puzzle tiles. And no, not the rectangle domino tiles with dots you typically see too. This is the iPhone Domino, where 10,000 iPhone 5 were used, at least claimed by the guys over at Aatma.

Surely it’s not real, especially the last part, it’s impossible to get such synchronization across so many devices. With some video witchcraft, the video description states as below :

“This iPhone video is imagined as an advertisement for the iPhone 5 concept feature of NFC. If iPhone 5S comes with the NFC feature, this could be a pretty neat iPhone commercial.”

Near-field communication, that cheeky little feature is the main player (or concept) in this entire video, as the Aatma imagines what iPhones can do if it has NFC. Tapping phones back-to-back to “beam” content to another phone – sounds familiar, anyone? *cough*Android*cough*

However though, I still have no idea how they gathered 10,000 iPhone 5 at one place, and that elevator scene looks impossible (*physics alert*) since it has to either go up or down, which causes the floor to tremble. iPhone 5 with such high center of gravity (ohhh, the height!) surely screws up the stability. Oh, not to mention the braking and stopping when the elevator reached its designated floor too.

Go over and give Aatma some thumbs for creating this video at the source!

Source : Aatma Studio (YouTube)

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