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Gaming is often associated with being an inherently anti-social and solitary pursuit; however, the rise of online gaming and the social elements attached make a mockery of this assertion. It is easier than ever to engage with long-distance friends or forge new connections through our mobile devices. Here we take a look at the best mobile app games which allow you to stay social on-the-go or in the comfort of home.

Words with Friends

Now a classic of the mobile gaming sphere, Words with Friends has been an app store mainstay since 2009. Its Scrabble-esque word games create a friendly, cerebral atmosphere in which to test your vocabulary against friends and strangers; with even some unlikely cross-generational bonds formed.

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Indeed, the official Scrabble game itself has now also established itself in the mobile gaming space with the launch of Scrabble GO in March 2020. The game already has over 2 million daily players and offers an experience more in line with the traditional board game. Whatever your preference, wordsmiths have a variety of options to choose from on both iOS and Android in order to test their skills amongst those with a shared passion.


Online bingo substitutes skill for luck, but in doing so helps to create a convivial atmosphere amongst players wishing each other well. Paddy Power Bingo UK & Ireland, for example, offers numerous bingo games such as ‘Paddy’s Pad’ with interlinked chat rooms in which friendships are struck up during games. The system automatically fills in players’ cards and allows them to socialise with each other during the game without distraction. Like Scrabble, bingo has traditional roots which are intrinsically tied to a sense of community. Its transition to mobile apps has certainly maintained this tradition with a fundamental focus on an informal, friendly environment in which to play.

Mario Kart Tour

The classic Nintendo game has always had a focus on the multiplayer party experience to be played amongst friends. The mobile app game is similarly focused on the social element and can be played remotely with friends whilst on the move. Its incredible popularity is undoubted with server overload reported by Sky on its initial launch for mobile. Racing against each other and knocking each other off course represents great fun amongst friends and perhaps offers a more competitive edge than more traditional games like scrabble and bingo.

8 Ball Pool

This virtual pub favourite allows you to recreate a night at the bar with buddies from your mobile. Linking the account to your Facebook account allows you to play with friends, whilst there is always an option to compete with strangers online. Its chat functionalities and customisation options help to create a strong community feel to the game as you establish a persona and play with like-minded people. 8 Ball Pool represents another virtual game which takes inspiration from the community-minded roots of its physical counterpart.

Mobile gaming continues to feature a growing focus on the social elements of its offerings. Players are able to engage with others whether in the more relaxed format of traditional games like bingo or the more competitive fast-paced environment of games like Mario Kart. There are options available to any preference and mobile games are certainly no longer the sole preserve of the anti-social stereotype. Community, camaraderie and friendship are key tenets of the mobile gaming scene.

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