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TikTok and Warner Music Malaysia is giving you the opportunity to sing your way into a full-fledged studio recording. From here, you are given the podium to showcase your beautiful voice and let everyone hear it.

Since TikTok does encourage its users to do covers of their huge library of music, this is the perfect chance for you to do just that. This new #ilovesinging challenge on TikTok gives will award the winner for a full day’s worth of time to a recording session in a recording studio by Faithful Music.

This new #ilovesinging accepts both original or cover versions of songs in the TikTok library.

TikTok Warner Music Malaysia #ilovesinging

Starting from now until the 18th August 2019, just record yourself singing and hashtag #ilovesinging to participate. You can submit your videos of yourself playing instruments, doing acapellas, rapping, or anything as long as it is done in your own voice. One winner will have the chance to experience “A Day as a Singer”.

To kickstart this challenge, a few local artists have uploaded their own #ilovesinging videos to the platform:

  1. Faizal Tahir –
  2. Layla Sania –
  3. Amir Masdi –
  4. Sissy Imann –
  5. Masya Masyitah –

Pretty solid here considering a day in the recording studio means you can churn out quite a few tracks. And with that many other professionals in the recording studio, you can definitely create excellent music with this opportunity.

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