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It’s here! The Unpacked event just finished – and we had the Galaxy S21 series of smartphones announced. Of course, there’s the Galaxy S21 Ultra – which is the best of the best that Samsung has to offer to date. Comes packed with the latest and greatest technologies, we’re excited to get our hands on one.

And here we have it. The Galaxy S21 Ultra in the new Phantom Black color. It’s sleek – and the entire phone is in a really nice black color.

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We unboxed the Galaxy S21 Ultra and had our first hands-on with the phone, and here’s the video.

When I first saw the Galaxy S21 series of smartphones, they’re all in matte finishes. But one color that stood out to me in particular, is the matte black finish. It’s just really sleek and I’m going to call it a sexy phone. That’s a rare word for me to use to describe a phone but that’s what I’m using to describe the Phantom Black color of the Galaxy S21 series of smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra unboxing

By the looks of it, the phone box is really thin – which only means that there’s no charger included in the box. That’s a good thing, in my opinion. If you want us to talk about why it’s a good thing, let us know. We’ll make a separate piece of content about it.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra unboxing

What we get in the box is really simple. Just the phone itself, an accessories box that houses the SIM ejector tool, and also the USB-C to USB-C cable alongside the quick start guide.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra unboxing

Honestly though, Samsung could make the box even thinner by coiling the USB-C cable in a different way to make it even thinner.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra unboxing

With that said, the Galaxy S21 Ultra has that distinctive camera design which I really like. It looks like the camera bump is flowed out from the phone’s body, but actually – it’s not. There is a tiny seam around the camera cutout which means the Galaxy S21 Ultra is serviceable if the back, or the camera is broken.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra unboxing

So, we’re going to take the Galaxy S21 Ultra for a spin and have our full in-depth review published later on 22nd January at 00:00 GMT+8.

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