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We’re here still trying to make the best out of the situation that we’re stuck in. To ensure that the future generation of our world is getting the best education they can, we’re going to need proper tools – specifically, laptops.

That is why we’re talking about the ASUS BR1100 once again. This laptop is specifically made for primary school students. The ASUS BR1100 is made to endure potential accidents and mishaps that may befall onto this laptop. Plus, it also has the performance to match.


Spill resistance

I’m sure many of us have accidentally done this before – spilling our drinks on the laptop. Hence, ASUS equipped the BR1100 with a spill-resistant keyboard. It can withstand up to 330cc of liquid.


Honestly speaking though, I’m sure many adults have also done this before. I just wish this feature is also available in other more premium laptops too.

ASUS BR1100 banner

Ultimate ruggedness

I’m very sure that a laptop made for kids will need to go through some abuse. There will be drops, scratches, and maybe just temper tantrums.

To ensure that the ASUS BR1100 is able to endure through the test of durability, it is built to pass the MIL-STD-810H standards and also has rubber bumpers around the perimeter of the laptop. That will dampen the force when the laptop hits the ground.


Moreover, the laptop also has this dimple texture that increases the surface area. For those who have sweaty and oily hands like mine, then you’ll appreciate this dimple texture and prevent the laptop from just slipping off your hand.


By the way, to prevent kids from prying the keyboard during temper tantrums, this keyboard isย made to prevent fingernails from going under the keyboard keycaps. I’ve tried prying it off during our review – and I hurt myself doing that. Seriously, how do kids throw these temper tantrums?


Relatively high performance yet fanless

To ensure that your kids can do their homework without any slowdowns due to a sluggish CPU, the ASUS BR1100 comes equipped with:

  • Intel Celeron N4500 processor
  • 4GB DDR4 RAM
  • 128G eMMC storage

I believe ASUS struck a great balance here as the Intel Celeron N4500 offers a decent level of performance but it can operate and get sufficient cooling without the need of a cooling vent.


Since the ASUS BR1100 is completely fanless, that means dust cannot go inside the laptop. If your kid ever drop the laptop in the sand or something, then rest assured – the laptop will most probably still work.

Modularity for easy repair

But in case anything actuallyย did go faulty, then fret not. The ASUS BR1100 is made to be modular. Once the backplate is opened, all the parts can be swapped out easily.


This increases repairability and also decreases downtime as the parts can be swapped quickly. I think this is more important now as ASUS can literally ship you the replacement part and you can just DIY?

Having a stylus

Some selected models of the ASUS BR1100 also comes with a stylus too. It’s parked inside the laptop at the left side, and you can whip it out any time and start scribbling on the screen.


This is a passive stylus so there is no pressure sensitivity. However, it is still a fantastic additional option to have as diagrams and mathematical equations and always better to be handwritten.

Adapting to your style with a 360ยฐ hinge

Yes – this is a convertible laptop. Just turn the screen around and it’ll become a tablet!

And I’m sure many people will make use of this feature too since it is sometimes better to use the stylus by directly interacting with the screen without the laptop’s keyboard in between.

ASUS BR1100 convertible

With that said, I sometimes like to watch shows on my convertible laptop while using it in tent mode.

… but there’s more!

Yeah, there are still a lot more things about the ASUS BR1100 that we have not talked about in this article. We do have an extensive review of the ASUS BR1100F laptop – so watch it down below.

To learn evenย more about the ASUS BR1100, click here.

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