Yeah, we said it – we kinda love wireless charging around here. We have our own reasons too. Choetech sent us a bunch of wireless chargers – and this 15W standing wireless charger is one of them. Since we’re going to talk about this wireless charger anyway, let us tell you why we like wireless chargers nowadays.

Of course, it’s better for us to explain our reason in this video since it’s pretty difficult to explain in words. We’re not going to talk about its inefficiency, by the way. That’s a topic for another day.

ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14

If it’s too inconvenient to watch the video, then fret not – we’re still going to try to explain why we like wireless chargers nowadays. Let’s start with the unboxing. We have two parts – the power brick and also the wireless charger itself.

CHOETECH Fast Wireless Charging

CHOETECH Fast Wireless Charging

We chose these two together because it can then output a total of 15W for wireless charging. Also because they’re both from Choetech, which they conveniently sent to us.

CHOETECH Fast Wireless Charging
15W standing wireless charger.
CHOETECH Fast Wireless Charging
18W power brick. Supports Qualcomm QuickCharge 3.0 too.

1. Convenience

Not having to plug in a cable means we don’t even have to worry about bringing the cable everywhere we go. Just plop it down to any wireless charging pads, and the phone charges. Come to think of it, that’s what Samsung did with the 35th TGV cinema, located at i-City!

2. Longevity of the phone’s charging port

Since we do not need to plug in any cable, the USB port does not have to go through the constant plugging-unplugging or suffer from potential damages. That’s a plus point for me since I’ve seen smartphones with its USB port dying before the phone. Ouch. Having a wireless charger will definitely eliminate the stress from the USB port.

CHOETECH Fast Wireless Charging

3. Phone is wet? Charge it wirelessly!

Then comes the not-so-well-known benefits of wireless chargers. We used the Galaxy S10+ as our example since it is IP68-rated and we have it on our hands. Let’s say you just finished swimming and the phone battery is running low after recording some fantastic videos in 4K 60fps, you cannot plug the phone into the charger since there is moisture inside.

However, you can wirelessly charge the phone. 😉 Perhaps the inefficiency of wireless chargers can boil off the moisture too!

4. Using USB DAC while wirelessly charging

What about smartphones like the Mi 9 and Galaxy Note 10 series that does not have an audio jack? Well, particularly with the Choetech 15W standing wireless charger, you can charge your phone wirelessly and use USB-C port at the bottom! What’s better here is that you don’t even have to hold the phone – so it’s a win for everyone!

CHOETECH Fast Wireless Charging

Why we need that power brick

Alright, back to a bit of technicality. The reason why Choetech sent us an 18W power brick is that the wireless charger needs to take in ≥15W. That 18W power brick is perfect – and Choetech sells them as well.

You can still use a standard 5V 2A, but the wireless charging pad will only output 10W maximum. But to take advantage of the maximum capability of the Choetech standing wireless charger, we recommend picking up the 18W power brick too.

Where to buy?

Choetech has a bunch of different flavors of wireless chargers – from “sleeping” pads to standing pads – and even car holders with built-in wireless charger! Click on the links below to find out more – and perhaps buy some for yourself.

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