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It’s been one year since they announced that their ocean exploration team had found the location of the long lost Apollo 11 F-1 rocket engine. The engine is located deep in the Atlantic Ocean. Jeff Bezos of Amazon, CEO announced that they have successfully recovered most of the major components that are “display worthy”.

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During the last three weeks, the exploration team have been using robots and other remotely operated instrument to lift up the F-1 rocket engine from depth of 14,000 feet(4267.
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2 meter).

NASA did not design the rockets to be recovered or reused, that’s the reason the engines have been resting on the sea floor. The rocket was serving for the Apollo 11 mission to the moon in 1969. This is purely a recovery mission led by rich space nerds who would like to preserve history.

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Some parts are missing their serial number but they are working hard to re-assemble and restore the engine and stabilize the material after sitting in salt water for 44 years.

-Via DviceBezos Expeditions.

-Image credits, Bezos Expeditions via Dvice.

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