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Alright – first off, the entire series is has aged since its first debut on the Sony PS2. Then again, age is just a number in this case, as the HD remaster of the brilliance of FFX is just too much to describe. Here are the 5 main things that you should know about FFX HD remaster.

1. Language tweaks are available

ffx (23)

There are lots of people who wants to play FFX in all of its Japanese glory – I would want it too, actually. However since the first release of FFX that I played was in English, I couldn’t help but to cringe at Tidus’s Japanese voice actor – it’s just horrible. Maybe that’s more of a personal preference issue too. If you wish to do that to your copy of FFX HD remaster, you can. Personally, the best combination is Japanese audio and English subtitles of course.

You can find the tweak here.

2. Graphic options abundant

Yeah, it’s not a full-range of options as you’ll find from something like Metro: Last Light, but it does offer some flexibility so that you can run FFX HD remaster on a laptop.

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Just so you know though, the options actually affect the performance of the game quite significantly. That said, there’s absolutely nothing about this game that the GTX970 can’t handle. Which leads us to the next bit of information about the FFX HD remaster of course.

As of today though, there are no 21:9 support at all.

3. It’s capped at 30FPS, but not for long

It might be strange at first, but then again you have to realize it’s made for consoles that was released fifteen freaking years ago. 15 years! Computers those days weren’t about delivering 60FPS with utmost beauty on consoles, it was about the beautiful graphics. At 30FPS with these graphics at that time, it’s splendid.

ffx (45)

However there is a brand new mod to unlock that cap has been discovered by a fan. It’s not perfect yet, but there is proof shown, and it works. There are bits of hiccups here and there, but overall it is really promising. Hope it gets released quick enough!

4. You can just play it for the story

To be completely honest, even I would like to just play it for the story. It’s interesting enough to play a game with such a beautiful lore and to be completely immersed in it feels fantastic. Square Enix is kind enough to provide certain options for you to have supercharge a.k.a. god mode, or speed up the game by 4x excluding cutscenes. These options will often come in pairs of course, as having absolutely no enemy encounters means zero leveling for you. You’ll of course gonna need god mode for that.

ffx (6)

That said, there’s a 5th option here that hides the HUD, including subtitles and text boxes when you’re talking with NPCs. That’s a little weird and I really hope they didn’t do that. Speaking of NPCs however,

5. Side characters look like crap

Sure, NPCs aren’t the main characters, so why waste resources on perfecting their faces and textures, right? Hmmmm… that’s a little odd, because just look at this guy here compared to Tidus.

ffx (39)

ffx (32)

You get it now? One guy has flat eyes and 2D spiky hair, whereas the other one looks way too good to be fighting with monsters while getting sprayed by Malboro all day long. Of course, I completely understand why the staggering difference – just pointing this out because it piqued my interest. At least…

6. Bonus: Yuna’s eyes are beautiful

ffx (23)

Seriously, look at them.

Bonus: A gallery full of screenshots from the beautiful HD remaster.

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