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As the modern lifestyle demands everyone in the urban area to be high-performance day in and out, it can be hard for someone to clean their house that is full of dust and dirt particles and one that lives in a big household where everyone is busy and minding their own business all day can definitely feel the inability to shell out time for some floor scrubbing. And that includes us as well so we are here to share what kind of things we are looking out for in a new robot vacuum cleaner.

Acer Nitro 5

And what do you know, the robot vacuum cleaner we are going to take a look at is the iRobot™ Roomba® j7+!

iRobot™ is the No.1 global market share in robot vacuum cleaners*

Sensor Arrays – The Arms and Legs

iRobot Roomba j7+ 1

We human uses multiple organs in order to detect or “sense” something including our legs, hands, noses, eyes, and whatnot. But for robot cleaners, what they need at the minimum are quite simple: Floor tracking sensors to detect whether there’s anything in front of them, cliff sensors to make sure they don’t fall off any high places such as staircases, and smart bumpers for telling them they “collide” with something that is irrelevant that gives minor floor level changes.

But what if the obstacle is too low to reflect the infrared? What if the smart bumper fails because it runs into something soft and thin like headphone cords or socks? I can tell you, a lot of budget robot vacuum cleaners do that and you’ll understand what’s annoying after realizing you have to get those things unstuck from the roller.

Therefore, we don’t want any mishaps. We just want the house clean.

iRobot Roomba j7+ 2

Here’s where the iRobot™ Roomba® j7+ comes in with its brand new PrecisionVision Navigation system where in addition to the standard sensors, it also has a big camera at the front that recognizes hundreds of different objects thanks to the masterfully trained algorithm. After finding out how large the obstacle is, it can precisely get through them with carefully calculated angles.

iRobot Roomba j7+ 3

Armed with a pair of innovative “eyes” is not enough to call the Roomba® j7+ great because it is helped by the Dirt Detect™ technology which gives dusty places extra care by running additional clean cycles until it is absolutely clean. Taking an example from the Clean Map™ report, those deep green dots are the places where the robot vacuum cleaner will stay longer than usual.

Smart Navigation – Drive Around Properly

iRobot Roomba j7+ 4

If a smart robot cleaner can’t even learn, adapt, and guide itself properly within my household, or even from a commercial sense, any household, then is it still a smart robot? Heck no. I need something that can learn its surroundings as quickly as possible and get down to business instantly because dusty air is just so annoying.

Powered by the Imprint™ Smart Mapping System, the Roomba® j7+ is capable of mapping all the levels in your house and better yet, you can have full control of telling them where to clean and when to clean via the Scheduled Cleaning and Keep Out Zone feature.

You don’t need to tell them how to clean too as they are smart enough to figure that out by themselves and they can even recommend you the best options after factoring in your preference, home size, habits, and the current seasons. Smart assistance robotic cleaner? Neat!

Cleaning Capabilities – Brittles, Furs, Dust, Take Them All

iRobot Roomba j7+ 5

To be honest, even for myself, we just want a robot vacuum cleaner to do the vacuuming job for us and they must do it well to get rid of some of the tough dust that has been collecting ever since the last time you did a big cleaning of the household. And most importantly, they are doing the job for us because it is hard for humans to clean those tight close corners such as under the sofa and the back part of the shelves, and more.

What else can do that job more than you expected than the Roomba® j7+ with its brand new 3-Stage Cleaning System packing a strong Power Lifting Suction force that is 10 times stronger than the 600 series models while the Edge-Sweeping Brush takes care not only the horizontal flat surfaces but also the vertical ones like the 90-degree corners and walls.

But before those 2 parts do their job, they must first let the Dual Multi-Surface Rubber Brushes scrub and loosen up the stains before sweeping them in and sucking them into the machine.

Digital Lifestyle with Companion App – Full Control

iRobot Roomba j7+ 6

Any brand can develop a smartphone app for their robot cleaners but the question is are they doing what the description is conveying? Do users have to keep the robots in check every now and then? For me, aside from answering Yes or No depending on the question, I do feel the need for a smart robot cleaner that not only does everything it needs while adapting to any changes, but it also needs to feed me the needed information because it’s 2022, guys. We need information to make decisions.

Here, the Roomba® j7+ is positioned as the premium selection of iRobot™’s portfolio therefore the feature set accessible through the iRobot™ OS Technology consists of both recurring ones and also certain functions that are only available for models of the best from the bunch.

iRobot Roomba j7+ 7

Here’s what you can enjoy directly from the comfort of your smartphone:

  • Scheduled cleaning with self-learning algorithm to recommend the best cleaning time
  • Keep Out Zone for temporary reasons
  • Estimating clean times
  • Map Coaching for in-depth mapping
  • Quiet Drive where cleaning compartments are powered off when moving through areas
  • Sends picture notification to users when unpassable obstacles are detected
  • Imprint™ Link Technology – Work in tandem with Braava jet™ mopping robots

Fast, Hygiene, and Convenient Post-Cleaning Wrap-Ups

iRobot Roomba j7+ 8

What happens after the robot cleaner has done its job? Does it need you to turn it off, flip it around, and take the dust bag out for emptying? If I have the choice, I’ll let the guy handle these things on its own because you can’t call it a true smart robot cleaner if it can’t at least dump out the filthy things by itself after the internals are full.

But luckily, the Roomba® j7+ can do just that by cleaning itself into the Clean Base® Automatic Dirt Disposal with an enclosed AllergenLockTM bag when it returns to the base and rest assured that every dust bag is sealed properly, and hygiene is maintained without any mess or cloud of dust potentially trigger any of your allergics. After that, just pop in a new bag and continue to enjoy the no-mess clean-up that you deserve.


Here’s why the iRobot™ Roomba® j7+ hits the spot for everything it does. From the cutting-edge camera-based obstacle navigation system to the strong cleaning properties, the Roomba® j7+ basically takes the pros of the Roomba® j7 and took it up a notch by adding the Clean Base® Automatic Dirt Disposal while remedying some of the pain points along the way. After all, the thing we wanted the most is a smart little electronic guy that can handle the cleaning business on its own without you worrying about it inside and out.

iRobot Braava jet m6

To further elevate the cleaning experience brought to you by the Roomba® j7+, you can pair it with the Braava™ jet m6, a Wi-Fi-connected robot mop designed to tackle some of the toughest spills that are sticky or oily across multiple types of surfaces with pinpoint accuracy via smart control. If the Roomba® j7+ is not enough, then surely the combo with Braava™ jet m6 will set the job right.

So after the extensive coverage of how the iRobot™ Roomba® j7+ could do your home cleaning justice, why not check out the links below to get more information about it!


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