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I’ve made the switch and joined the foldable future for about 2 weeks now, and so far – I am enjoying my time with the device. I spent quite some time fine-tuning and adapting to this foldable phone and I found out that there are a few things that I highly recommend doing the instant you unbox the phone.

So, these are 8 tips that you can do to elevate your experience using the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3.

1. Bixby Routines

First, calm down. Yes, I am recommending you use something with the name “Bixby” in it. Bixby Routines. It’s like IFTTT but much more powerful and runs directly on the phone itself.

8 tips Galaxy Z Fold3
One of my favorite feature to be used on the Galaxy Z Fold3

I have a knack for these features. We have a video a few months ago where we talked about how I use Google Home Routines by combining the Sonos One speaker (review here) to control the Yeelight 1S bulbs (review here) in my room, and to tell me useful information like the weather and whatnot. But, Google Home Routines only work well with Pixel phones.

And since I’m currently using the Galaxy Z Fold3, its integration with Bixby Routines is really deep. Since Bixby Routines gives us the option to detect how much the Galaxy Z Fold3 is unfolded, I can set it to do something like this – unfolding fully will turn on autorotate. Or lock the YouTube app in landscape mode only.

8 tips Galaxy Z Fold3
Set it to landscape automatically when YouTube is open while the Z Fold3 is unfolded fully. Neat.

Bixby Routines also give us the freedom to automate things like automatically play music from a specific playlist on Spotify when connected to the car’s Bluetooth.

Maybe automatically turn on the TV when I’m at home – because Bixby Routines do have SmartThings integration too. Since my Yeelights are connected to SmartThings, I can set it to automatically turn on the lights when I unfold the Galaxy Z Fold3. Because why not? 🤷‍♂️

8 tips Galaxy Z Fold3

You can be creative too – maybe play music when I connect to the office WiFi? I’ll have epic entrance music every day.

I can even make Bixby Routine automatically turn on fast charging when I’m outside, but turn off fast charging when I’m at home. That helps me prolong the Galaxy Z Fold3’s battery health over the long run.

2. Multitasking heaven

Since the Galaxy Z Fold2 last year, Samsung has doubled down on the multitasking capabilities of the Galaxy Z Fold series. Now, with the power of One UI 3.1, the Galaxy Z Fold3 can multitask even more than before.

8 tips Galaxy Z Fold3

Take a look at this – we can open up to 3 apps at once plus another floating app and YouTube (only for Premium users). I don’t recommend doing this since it’s a little hectic. But it works.

You can also save the layout of the multitasking apps as a shortcut, so each time you launch that shortcut – the same apps will fill in the layout automatically. Convenient.

8 tips Galaxy Z Fold3
Saved at the Edge Panel!

However, this multitasking feature doesn’t with all apps. One of the things that I wanted to do was to open Lazada and Shopee side by side to compare the prices of stuff that I wanna buy – but it doesn’t work with Shopee.

So, we’ll have to do this to the Shopee app.

3. Multi-window for all apps

Yeah, that’s an option in the settings menu. Just head into Settings ➡ Advanced Features ➡ Labs and enable this option.

8 tips Galaxy Z Fold3

Of course, I don’t expect apps to play nice with this feature – but it works. Now I can compare prices on both Lazada and Shopee, side by side.

4. Custom aspect ratio for some apps

Android – in general – has a very wide variety of screen sizes to choose from. Some are 16:9, some are 18:9, some are 21:9. Then we have the Galaxy Z Fold3, whereby the cover display is at 25:9 and the inner unfolded display is somewhere near 5:3.

8 tips Galaxy Z Fold3

Some Android app developers are just lazy in making the app dynamically resizable and it’s not working well with foldable phones that are dynamic like the Galaxy Z Fold3 – like Instagram.

By default, Instagram is cropped and has bars on the left and right sides. This is to retain the near 16:9 aspect ratio so that features like Instagram Stories can be viewed properly when using the inner display. Again, not a fan of this solution and I think Instagram – and in extension Facebook – can do a better job than this.

Facebook is also very buggy on the Galaxy Z Fold3, by the way. Dark mode works with the cover display but once unfolded, it gets confused and dark mode no longer works. What???

5. Edge panel

Back to the multitasking part. In Samsung’s Edge Panel, one of the panels is the apps panel so you can quickly launch apps or jump into multitasking view instantly.

Edge panel is convenient AF and it gives us so many different useful shortcuts to choose from. I usually select these panels.

8 tips Galaxy Z Fold3
A shortcut bar permanently attached to the side of the screen.

But, since One UI 3.1 gives us the ability to have yet another addition to the Galaxy Z Fold3 – pin the app selection bar to the side of the screen. Some might find this useful, but I personally disabled it since I prefer a wider viewing area.

6. App continuity

Since the first Galaxy Fold, there is an option to continue using the app while the device is unfolded or folded. That feature is retained until today – and you can select what apps to have this app continuity feature.

Of course, apps need to be able to resize properly if this feature is to be used. Most apps work well with this feature though Facebook and Instagram are still… pretty buggy when it comes to adaptive interfaces. That includes Shopee, Maybank, and some other prominent apps.

But, some games managed to perfect this magic and were able to switch between the two displays seamlessly – like Genshin Impact, Pokemon Go, and Mario Kart. We even showcased them here!

7. Fingerprint scanner swiping for notification

One of the weird features that I truly enjoyed using back with the Galaxy S9 is the ability to swipe down the fingerprint scanner to bring the notification panel down. Swiping twice will bring the quick settings menu down instead.

8 tips Galaxy Z Fold3
I miss this feature.

And since the Galaxy Z Fold3 is using a side-mounted fingerprint scanner, we have the option to enable this feature too. It’s the same concept but the fingerprint scanner is at a different location and it works just as well as before. Still, I would’ve preferred it to be at the back of the phone.

8. Disable auto-wake on the flip case

Many users have complained about the flip case with the S Pen Fold Edition holder. The front piece of the case is a little floppy and it causes the screen to turn on unintentionally – especially when the phone is in a bag or pocket.

8 tips Galaxy Z Fold3

To remedy this issue, Samsung issued out a software update recently that added the option to disable this feature. You can find it in the Advanced Settings sub-menu.

What’s your favorite tip?

Do let us know what’s your favorite tip out of all the 8 that we’ve shared. If you have other tips to share, let us know too!

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