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Acer has announced that 2 brand new laser projectors are launching into markets very soon while focusing on its commitment to environmental sustainability – yes they are part of the Vero family.

Acer Vero HL6810 HL6810ATV (2)

Nonetheless, the new models are called Vero HL6810 and HL6810ATV so let’s be clear from the get-go – the ATV version comes with Android TV built-in that can stream its own content so just treat it as a “smart TV on the go” type of feature that you can expect from an actual smart TV.

Anyway, both models are ready to shine a 4K resolution output and up to 4,000 ANSI lumens of brightness, delivering crisp and clear images thanks to the laser/LED hybrid light source.

Acer Vero HL6810 HL6810ATV (3)

It can even achieve 105% of the Rec. 709 color gamut alongside HDR10 and HLG compatibility, ensuring users are looking at colors that they are supposed to. According to Acer, there’s even a special Football Mode that is optimized for display output over a large area that is more realistic and vivid.

The last highlight comes from its Vero design root that signifies all the capabilities are done with less power of up to 48% against lamp-based projectors as well as better longevity and lower TCO thanks to its 30,000-hour lifespan light source.

Power Saving Mode and Instant On-Off are just the bread and butter and to top everything off, packaging is made with recyclable materials.


Although this is not for Malaysia just yet, at least we got the price for the EU region – EU€1,599 for the base version and EU€1,699 for the one with Android TV.

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