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Wait a minute – what?

Yes, AdBlock, the famous plugin for your browser to block ads for your best surfing experience is now having a campaign to promote itself through ironically –  ads, their arch nemesis.

If you’ve been annoyed compulsory-to-watch video ads on YouTube that is played before the video that you want to watch, then you might have came across AdBlock.

Basically, the entire fundraising campaign is about bringing down all the ads in the Internet by spreading the message and bringing the awareness of AdBlock. What will they do with the fund? How will they spread the word? With some pretty crazily ambitious ideas.


You might say hey – is this legal? We’re putting other services to have no business at all! Fear not. Quoting from AdBlock themselves :

“AdBlock works by modifying the sites you browse on the ‘client,’ or user end. AdBlock does not tamper with the servers of the websites you visit”

Basically it means only those who installed AdBlock can enjoy the ad-free Internet, not bringing down the entire advertising agency.

This entire campaign however is ironic in its own way. An ad-blocker wages war with ads through ads themselves. Maybe this will show Google how many people actually hate their ads system. Or maybe just the way they position their ads to get in the way of the users – but that’s the point, isn’t it? To get the user’s attentions. Will they ever strike an agreement with big time advertising giants like Google? Only time will tell.

Check out AdBlock’s campaign website here and donate a few bucks to the campaign!

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