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AGI Technology has announced they will joining COMPUTEX 2024 to showcase some of their latest offerings.


Assigned with booth number #J0218, the brand will put up some demo units at the booth from June 4 to 7 at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM, and covers 3 different categories listed below:

Spotlight Innovations

  • Supreme Pro TF138 2TB microSD – World’s 1st ever 2TB microSD card, produced exclusively by AGI
  • TURBOJET RGB DDR5 Series – Heatsink-fitted RGB-lighted DDR5 RAM kits made with overclocking in mind
  • EDM38 Portable SSD for Mobile – MagSafe-compatible external SSD designed for mobile storage on the go

Ultra-Spec Solutions

  • 8TB SATA SSD – Aims for the absolute capacity limit in consumer-grade storage
  • 16GB PCIe SSD – Unmatched performance for HMB domain

Customization Zone

  • Tailored solutions for each and every customer with unique approach and design

So if you’re attending COMPUTEX 2024 next month, be sure to pay a visit to the AGI booth.

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