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Amazfit has brought the latest PowerBuds Pro TWS into Malaysia.

Amazfit PowerBuds Pro 2

Acer Nitro 5

A product geared towards the high-end market, the PowerBuds Pro is surprisingly one of the few TWS devices in the market that has health monitoring features integrated into the earbuds such as a heart rate sensor enabled through touching the flat surface that smartly alerts the user with an audio cue if an unhealthy rate of heartbeat is detected.

The TWS is also smart enough to detect posture problems if you have maintained one for too long to help you reduce the risk of neck pain, shoulder pain, and more. Additionally, when users start to engage in fitness activities such as running and stretching, the PowerBuds Pro is also smart enough to know that and automatically engages the stat-tracking feature.

Enough of the fitness-related stuff and let’s talk about audio things. Being a product at this price range, ANC is definitely found in the PowerBuds Pro that cancels up to 40dB levels of ambient noise yet Amazfit takes it to the next level with multiple profiles of noise-cancelling such as Indoor, Travel, Workout and Adaptive to suit different environments. The PowerBuds Pro also packed quite some electric juice as the earbuds are capable of running up to 9 hours continuously while the case holds around 30 hours worth of power.

Pricing and Availability

The Amazfit PowerBuds Pro will be made available on Shopee exclusively at the price of RM699 but for a limited time, it will be dropped down to RM639 and it’ll go on sale starting August 21.

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