In a little video that was just uploaded a little over an hour ago is where Lisa Su, the CEO of AMD, talks about the upcoming Threadripper and Ryzen 3. Lisa talks about the launch dates, performance, and demos the performance of these chips too.

Threadripper CPU

The launch of Ryzen 3 completes the consumer market of Ryzen chips, and it’ll definitely be the one that competes with Intel’s Core i3. Possibly even taking some of the market share of Intel’s popular G4560 too?

Ryzen 3 CPU

Anyway, here’s what AMD showed off in the video. This is a really TL;DW version of the video with all important information placed in this little table.

The gist of it is this:

  • Ryzen 3 – on shelves July 27th
    • 1200 – 4C/4T; 3.1GHz base, 3.4GHz boost – $ ???
    • 1300X – 4C/4T; 3.5GHz base, 3.7GHz boost – $ ???
  • Threadripper – on shelves early August!
    • 1920X – 12C/24T; 3.5GHz base, 4.0GHz boost – $799
    • 1950X – 16C/32T; 3.4GHz base, 4.0GHz boost – $999

Robert Hallock also showed the performance of both Threadripper chips on Cinebench R15. The 1920X scored 2431 CB, and the 1950X scores an impressive 3062 CB. Remember, both these chips are priced significantly lower than what Intel has to offer. Looks like AMD is undercutting Intel by a lot, too. The only thing that remains as a mystery now is the prices for X399 motherboards.

Lisa Su also mentioned that Threadripper will be showed off at Siggraph alongside with the Vega, so be on the lookout for that!

Seems like AMD will be really busy at the end of this month!

The full video is embedded down below.

Who’s excited for AMD’s Ryzen 3 or Threadripper?

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