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Just a few years ago scientists have successfully obtained ‘anti-matter’ using the Large Hadron Collider. An anti-matter is basically the opposite of matter where as explained various times in the Star Trek series; a matter combining with anti-matter would result in an explosion of pure energy. While they were able to generate this anti-matter back then, they did not have the expertise and technology to contain them long enough for further study. The longest recorded time of containment was 15 minutes. 

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An anti-hydrogen could be another breakthrough in particle physics as they are now able to contain the volatile particles. Hydrogen has become the likely candidate for anti-matter study because of their simple construction as they only have one proton and one electron. The way they contain the anti-hydrogen is by using magnetic fields, again as the ones they use in Star Trek called the “Anti Matter Containment Field” because these matters react to magnetic field. The problem with using a magnetic field is that it makes the subject hard to study using a spectroscope. Yes, ideal for containment, not so much for studies. However, brilliant scientists has devised a way to actually study them without the magnetic interference. CERN’s technique was to pull these matters out of their containment and then trap them into a constant beam which makes it possible to study outside the containment.

I myself was very excited when it comes to anti-matter and particle physics as it could mean the salvation to humanity in terms of exploration, poverty and prosperity. CERN was hoping to further improve their containment system that will allow them to further study the particle in great detail.

Via –, CERN

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