So, about 38 and a half hours ago, Apple announced the new iPhone 5 during their keynote. In Malaysia, it’s at 1 in the morning. I stayed up, hoping that there would be something fascinating.

Apple iPhone 5 - my interpretation 1
The event venue in San Francisco, by ZDNet

Previously I watched the iPhone 4’s keynote (also the last by Steve Jobs), I was literally having a heart attack listening to Jobs while staring at my phone, thinking that “wow, my phone is crap!”. It got every Android user jealous! A year later, watched the iPhone 4S’s keynote having a much more milder heart attack, but I didn’t stare at my phone and say it’s crap. It pretty much had everything Android has.

MSI Creator 17 Mini-LED

Apple iPhone 5 - my interpretation 2

Now it’s the iPhone 5’s keynote, there was not even the slightest heart attack. There was no ‘wow factor’, there wasn’t anything. I literally fell asleep in the middle of the keynote, waking at about 1.35am hoping that there is something to keep me awake when iOS 6 was shown… but I fell asleep again.

So, what makes me fall asleep? Let’s go through each and every single detail about it while going through what the iPhone 5 is.


Apple iPhone 5 - my interpretation 3

Upfront, you can tell by its change of height. It’s now a 4 inch Retina display, only with an increase in height but not width. With 326 pixels per inch, 44% better colour saturation with full SRGB rendition on 1136×640 pixels. Apps that aren’t updated yet will have black bars on either side of the screen though.

I don’t really mind how many pixels per inch as phones these days are easily beyond 250ppi (your eyes can’t tell what’s the difference) anyway. Colour saturation and SRGB rendition is definitely nice to have, but the biggest problem that I fear is how long the screen is.

I used the Galaxy Nexus, and the biggest problem I face is how long the screen is. It’s almost as long as the Galaxy Note, just not as wide. Just to reach for the three softkeys at the bottom, I have to reposition the entire phone higher for my thumb to reach it.

The touch-sensitive panel is integrated into the display, so it’s thinner and sharper, less glare under sunlight and that’s a good thing, but not as good as Nokia’s Lumia under sunlight.


Apple iPhone 5 - my interpretation 4Wait – is the two-tone made out of two separate physical parts? Good, collect dust in the gap and wait for either one of the part to go out of place – or worst still – fall off. I do find the design hideous though.

Made out of glass and aluminium – I just hope that this one doesn’t shatter as often as the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S.

7.6mm thick, 18% thinner than before, 112 grams, 20% lighter.


New A6 processor, Apple claims it’s “twice CPU, twice graphics, 22% smaller, more energy efficient”. I can’t say anything more than that.

Has LTE – single chip for voice and data and with battery life of 8 hours on 3G or LTE talk time or browsing, 10 hours of WiFi browsing. 8 hours on 3G or LTE? They’re both of different leagues, but with the same battery consumption? I question the validity of this.

Has 3 microphones – top front, top back, and at the bottom. Noise cancellation at its best.

Enhanced audio with wider output spectrum – of course, better quality and you can play more highs and lows.


Apple iPhone 5 - my interpretation 5

In fact, this is the only thing that I am most interested in. The camera of the iPhone 5.

Essentially the camera as the iPhone 4S, but the camera glass is made out of sapphire, has dynamic low light mode, spatial noise reduction, smart filter (colour matching) and faster photo capture. The most captivating thing that I found out is the panorama mode which you can capture it in portrait orientation to get a beautiful, high resolution image instead of Galaxy Nexus’s pixelated one.

The video recording however is just the same old same old, rear camera is now 1080p HD recording with improved video stabilization, face detection and takes photo while recording and the front facing camera is now capable of 720p recording with backside illumination and face detection.

The most important part

Apple iPhone 5 - my interpretation 6

My heart was racing when iOS 6 showed up on the screen, but what comes after it was relaxing.

Apple iPhone 5 - my interpretation 7

Apple showed off the new Maps that Apple made, has a search engine for points of interest and satellite image view. As gorgeous as it may seem, does it work better than Google Maps in Malaysia?

Apple iPhone 5 - my interpretation 8

Share tabs under Safari from your iPad, iPhone and your computer with iCloud. Hello, Google Chrome!

Apple iPhone 5 - my interpretation 9

Siri got an update too – she now answers you more questions like “What is the score for Manchester United’s game?” which Google Now basically had it. Post your Facebook status update through Siri and be prepared to be laughed at what sort of English error Siri detects (Malaysian accent’s problem) and lastly, send text messages through Siri.

Basically it’s going Google with this don’t you think? Passbook now does things Google Now does. Share your entire photo library with Photo Stream with iCloud? That’s Google+.


Ah yes, before I forgot – the iPhone 5 will now be packaged with a new set of earphones called Earpods.

Apple iPhone 5 - my interpretation 10

It does look more practical than before but then again, I can’t judge since I have never used it before. But thumbs up to Apple for trying to create a universally fitting set of earphones.

Apple iPhone 5 - my interpretation 11

Facetime is now possible over cellular data, though you can already do it with Skype, Tango, etc.

My opinion?

Apple lost its highway, crashed into a small, single-lane road when Jobs left. What the keynote was about is mostly just to keep up with the competitors, but nothing beyond except for the camera. The integration of the touch panel into the screen itself is great! Though iOS 6 is practically the most boring thing in the keynote. The entire “wow factor” disappeared, and I fell asleep before it even ended for the iPhone 5.

But then again, I might be wrong as these are just my fist impressions and thoughts about it. I’ll get my hands on one and I’ll update about how it is again.

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