During our recent trip to Taipei, we went to ASUS ROG’s office and got a sneak peek of the upcoming ROG laptops – particularly the Strix SCAR II with a 17.3-inch screen and the new Zephyrus S. In the press release, it was stated that these two laptops are the first ones to use ASUS ROG’s latest software – the Armoury Crate. It is created to replace the ROG Gaming Center that had been around for a long time.

We only had a short hands-on with the ASUS Armoury Crate version, but we gathered whatever screenshots we can during that short amount of time.


ASUS Armoury Crate

The homepage of this new software is surprisingly straightforward and has a minimal look to it compared to the ROG Gaming Center. The background is simple and clean with a subtle color gradient. All crucial information is shown right away – CPU and GPU load together with fan speed and RAM/storage status.

ASUS Armoury Crate

On the Strix SCAR II 17.3-inch in particular, there is another row of tabs at the bottom where you can select performance profiles. You can go manual and tune the fan speeds for both CPU and GPU too. As for overclocking, we’re unsure how the Armoury Crate will cater to that.

ASUS Armoury Crate

There’s a sidebar too that when expanded, shows off the Home, System, AURA, Featured, and Highlights. More about this later.

ASUS Armoury Crate

Under “system”, we can see that ASUS has implemented something like a “gaming mode” that automatically stops certain processes when a game is ran. You can even select which process to kill manually. Obviously this is meant to free up resources for your game.

ASUS Armoury Crate

Then we have “AURA”. We can see a few things more tabs at the top of the Armoury Crate as well. We have AURA Effects to control the RGB lighting alongside with the effect speed, and then there’s AURA Sync where other AURA Sync-compatible peripherals can have the same lighting effects as well.

Then there are other menus which we are unable to check out – particularly the Featured and Highlights menu. From the looks of it, the Armoury Crate has other plugins too – and that’s where the Featured menu comes in. See that “my apps” tab at the top?

Here are some other miscellaneous screenshots of the Armoury Crate that we took as well. Nothing much in particular here.

From what we know, the Armoury Crate is meant for new laptops – particularly the Strix SCAR II 17.3-inch and also the Zephyrus S. As for whether or not the Armoury Crate will be coming to the older ROG laptops, we do not have the definite answer. We did ask ASUS about this and we got a stern “no” from them. Perhaps they’ll be bringing the Armoury Crate to the original Zephyrus GX501, Zephyrus M GM501, and also to the Strix SCAR II and Hero II.

As for when will be Armoury Crate be officially released online for download – that we do not know. We’re still waiting for ASUS to provide us the list of laptops compatible with Armoury Crate.

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