I’m sure we all have some ideas flying through our minds on how some ads can be done better. Most of us wouldn’t even voice it out, because companies wouldn’t listen. Now however, ASUS is encouraging you to voice your ideas to them in conjunction of the ASUS Directed By You campaign!

So what will you get if you are to submit an entry, you might ask? Stand a chance to win an ASUS ZenFone 3 that we reviewed here of course! There will be a brand new winner every day, and there’s a total of 3 weeks for all of you to try. It’s already Day 3 now, so get your thinking cap and start working!

ASUS Directed by You

Now, how do you actually submit your entry? How does the whole contest works? It’s simple, really.

ASUS Directed by You
3 simple steps!

That’s right – just start a simple story, and have everything go haywire real quick. Remember to include the special word of the day – that’s your ticket to a brand new ASUS ZenFone 3! After that, just hit submit and you’ll be in the running to win a ASUS ZenFone 3! Here’s a video for more details regarding the contest itself.

Here’s a brief idea of how the entire thing pans out by pure randomness when there are a few people brainstorming together. It’s just WTF all the way. As Erik Hermanson, Head of Mobile Brand and Marketing, ASUS puts it,

“It will be an interesting and entertaining international ‘social experiment’ to see the diversity of ideas!”

I hear you. Just take a look at random Reddit posts and you’ll get an idea how randomness turns into meme references instantly!

Ready to submit? Head on over to www.asus.com/event/directedbyyou/my/ now to be a part of the ASUS Directed By You campaignm then and start pumping ideas!

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