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During our original coverage of ASUS’s products in Computex 2018, we saw the new series of VivoBook laptops. They’re a lot different from what we are used to seeing now – namely the colors and the ergo-lift hinge design.

The brand new VivoBook S15 (S530) was announced with a slew of colors available – Firmament Green, Star Grey, Silver Blue, Gun Metal, and Icicle Gold. It’s certainly refreshing to see a slew of colorful laptops in the market other than just the boring old black or grey rectangular slab.

ASUS VivoBook S15 (S530)

The brand new VivoBook S15 (S530) are powered with 8th Gen Intel Core processors and NVIDIA GeForce GPU, with up to Core i7 and GeForce MX150. It even has dual-storage design, presumably a single M.2 SSD slot with another 2.5-inch HDD slot. It comes with up to 256GB SSD + 1TB HDD. Of course, you can upgrade it later.

ASUS VivoBook S15 (S530)

The new Ergo Lift design will prop up the keyboard for a more comfortable typing experience when the screen is opened. It’s not the first time we see such a design from ASUS, actually. Remember the ZenBook UX305 that we reviewed very long ago? That has something similar as well.

ASUS VivoBook S15 (S530)

The Nano Edge display makes a return here as well. With a larger screen-to-body ratio thanks to thinner bezels, the VivoBook S15 (S530) can fit in a larger display within the same footprint. Also, the new 15.6-inch model of the VivoBook S15 (S530) weighs in at only 1.6kg and is only 18mm at its thinnest point.

ASUS VivoBook S15 (S530)

As for the specs, here they are:


Colour Spec


S530U-NBQ326T GUN METAL i5-8250/4G/1TB+128G/MX150 2G/WIN10/FHD/FP/BL RM2,999
S530U-NBQ327T FIRMAMENT GREEN i5-8250/4G/1TB+128G/MX150 2G/WIN10/FHD/FP/BL RM2,999
S530U-NBQ328T GREY RED i5-8250/4G/1TB+128G/MX150 2G/WIN10/FHD/FP/BL RM2,999
S530U-NBQ329T GOLD i5-8250/4G/1TB+128G/MX150 2G/WIN10/FHD/FP/BL RM2,999
S530U-NBQ048T GOLD i5-8250/4G/1TB+256G/MX150 2G/WIN10/FHD/FP/BL RM3,299
S530U-NBQ049T GUN METAL i5-8250/4G/1TB+256G/MX150 2G/WIN10/FHD/FP/BL RM3,299
S530U-NBQ050T FIRMAMENT GREEN i5-8250/4G/1TB+256G/MX150 2G/WIN10/FHD/FP/BL RM3,299
S530U-NBQ173T GREY RED i5-8250/4G/1TB+256G/MX150 2G/WIN10/FHD/FP/BL RM3,299
S530U-NBQ181T GUN i7-8550/4G/1TB+256G/MX150 2G/WIN10/FHD RM3,899
S530U-NBQ237T GOLD i7-8550/4G/1TB+256G/MX150 2G/WIN10/FHD RM3,899

Honestly speaking, I have no idea why ASUS still includes 4GB RAM. It’s truly insufficient and with today’s computing workload, 4GB will get slaughtered up by Windows 10 in a jiffy. Get a total of 8GB RAM minimum if you plan to get the VivoBook S15 (S530), please.

ASUS VivoBook S15 (S530)

And of course, we also have a unit here to review. Stay tuned – that review will come soon!

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