ASUS Republic of Gamers, better known as ROG, is partnering up with Designworks, a company under BMW group (yes that automobile company) to launch ROG Face Off. The whole point of this is to design futuristic concepts of the future of gaming laptops under the ROG lineup.

This ROG Face Off is aimed to strike the balance between aesthetics and also dynamic and immersive gaming experience. To fuel the ROG Face Off, Designworks is working together with gaming professionals to get the idea on how things should work.

ASUS ROG Face Off BMW Designworks

It also incorporates the fact that gamers are humans too, and we all have different personalities yet we all work and play hard.

The ROG Face Off concept is a laptop that radically changes everything. It utilizes projection and tracking technology to augment reality with virtual elements that are motioned by gesture commands.

While the ROG Face Off is still a concept and far from a finished product, ROG is collaborating with Designworks on other projects as well – particularly the new ROG Strix G-series gaming laptops. It has raised ridges that race across the chassis and provide additional ventilation to improve airflow at the back. The offset cut-out under their displays leaves more room for airflow while also applying an asymmetrical accent reminiscent of another concept design explored during the project.

ASUS ROG Face Off BMW Designworks

On the subject of the new ROG Strix series, the new SCAR III and HERO III will incorporate something called the ROG Keystone, a physical device that docks with the laptop to reinforce a physical connection with the user, and can trigger changes to lighting and system settings that match their personal preferences. Its development was driven by the same motivations that produced the concept’s spring-loaded switch and mode-specific lighting effects.

Currently, the earliest products that we can all buy and use will be the upcoming ROG Strix HERO III and SCAR III. There are no availability dates or any details about them yet – but we know they are both coming soon.

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