Yes, that’s right. ASUS ROG shirts and backpacks. We actually saw this coming a few months ago but we did not expect the backpacks to be on sale. There will be two T-shirt designs available for sale, and a total of 3 different backpacks available too.

ASUS ROG Collection

This time around, we have a total of two different T-shirt designs – one that ASUS is calling Lifestyle, and another one is Mechanic. These two T-shirt designs are obviously imprinted with the ROG graphics since that eye logo is pretty much an icon in the gaming scene now.

ASUS ROG Collection T-shirt & backpacks
Mechanic design

From what we know, these T-shirts are made out of 100% cotton. There will be compression training shirts coming soon as well.Β This is the first wave of ROG Collection of products only, whereby we can expect more to come soon.

ASUS ROG Collection T-shirt & backpacks
Lifestyle design

The ROG Collection of T-shirts are now available from authorized ASUS ROG dealers and the prices are as follow:

Category Variant SRP (RM) with VAT
ROG Collections (T-shirt) Lifestyle (Black T-shirt) RM109
Mechanic (White T-shirt) RM109

Sorry that we can’t comment much on the shirts – it’s not our forte. πŸ˜‚

ASUS ROG Ranger Backpack

As for the 3 ROG backpacks, we first have the ROG Ranger 2-in-1 backpack. This is a unique little backpack that actually splits into two parts. By opening a zip around the center, the larger, hard-ish shell part can be detached, leaving behind only a small part.

ASUS ROG Collection T-shirt & backpacks
Yes, the 2-in-1 backpack is huge.

These two parts have their own backpack straps so you can choose to carry either parts individually. Fantastic for travels since you can leave one part behind in the hotel room and only take the necessary items along.

ASUS ROG Collection T-shirt & backpacks
BP2500 looks πŸ‘Œ

Then comes the new ROG Ranger BP2500 that can carry up to 15.6-inch laptops with waterproof and scratch-resistant 1680D leatherette and a FIDLOCK design as well. It has a charge-cable zipper and also a built-in luggage strap to secure the backpack to other travel cases instantly.

ASUS ROG Collection T-shirt & backpacks
BP1500 with a bold design and also πŸ‘Œ

Last but not least, it’s the ROG Ranger BP1500. It has a 16L capacity and can carry up to 15.6-inch laptops. It even has the Strix cyber-text pattern, military-grade triangular base-corner guards, and textured zippers.

The ROG Ranger backpacks are available now from all authorized ASUS ROG delaers too. The prices are as such:

Category Variant SRP (RM) with VAT
ROG Ranger Backpack ROG Ranger 2-in-1 Backpack RM499
ROG Ranger BP2500 Gaming Backpack RM279
ROG Ranger BP1500 Gaming Backpack RM159

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