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A while ago, ASUS ROG had a championship competition for League of Legends recently? ASUS isn’t just going to stop there – they’re coming back with two games this time. ASUS is upping the ante compared to the previous tournament too.

First off, the regional qualifiers are from East Asia, Southeast Asia ( that means us Malaysians), China, the rest of Asia (!!) and Australia/New Zealand. Seems like a whole lot of people are going to enter the qualifiers!

ROG Master

Timeline for the entire tournament for both CSGO and Dota 2 is as such:  there’s a whole month for registration as it is held from 4th August 2016 until 4th September 2016, and online qualifiers will be held in September till October. After that, the Grand Finals for both CSGO and Dota 2 will be held in KLCC Echibition Hall 4 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on the 12 to 13th November 2016. If there are any changes in the details, we’ll announce for sure!

Anyway, ROG Masters will have live broadcasting for key matches of the regional qualifiers too – so be sure to check that out!

Here’s how you can register yourself and your team to the ROG Masters now!

Click here to go to the link for registration!
Click here to go to the link for registration!

Also check out the table below – those $PrizeMoney$ are insanely high!

Games Registration Online Qualifiers Regions Prize Money
Dota 2 Aug 4th – Sep 4th September – October East Asia, Southeast, Asia, China, Rest of Asia, Australia/New Zealand US$150,000


CS:GO Aug 4th – Sep 4th September – October US$50,000

Interested in joining the tournament for either CSGO or Dota 2? Head on to the ROG Masters main site here at!!

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