ASUS VivoBook S14/S15


As days pass by, the age of the three current Nexus devices grow nearer 365 days, a replacement will surface for the year-old device. The latest leak however is the Nexus 10, that is said to be manufactured by ASUS instead of Samsung.

The Nexus 10 was – and still is – amazing with the super high resolution screen of 2560 x 1600 pixels! Still, Google sought something different this time, that is to still have the same amount of pixels, but potentially ran by a Qualcomm Snapdragon instead of Samsung’s Exynos processor.

U.S. retail chain store Best Buy apparently got its information on the new Nexus 10 leaked out, with a picture taken off the screen showing its database entry for the said device.

ASUS to manufacture new Nexus 10 1

The picture doesn’t show tell much except the one thing that has already been mentioned a few times – it is manufactured by ASUS. There are no release dates or prices yet, but all we know is that it will be soon, released somewhere near or alongside with the new Nexus 4 (potentially Nexus 5) before the holiday seasons at the end of the year.

All we can speculate now is that the price will most definitely will follow suit of what it is now as Google strongly promotes its low-priced, high performance devices that provide the best of Android. It might not be even using the same screen as the current Nexus 10, as Android 4.3 was caught red-handed to have support for 4K (4096 × 2160 pixels) resolution.

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