ASUS VivoBook S14/S15

We all know that Samsung S7 and S7 edge has one of the best camera on smartphone in the market. It took the nation by storm with its ability to take shots in any condition. The new Samsung flagship smartphone made users rethink what they can do with it. One fan that appreaciate the remarkable camera is award-winning Malaysian photographer, Yaman Ibrahim, who has since began his journey to capture his country’s beauty.

Inpired by the holy month of Ramadan, Yaman embarked on a quest to uncover and showcase his unique perspective on how Malaysian celebrate the holy month as a prelude to the upcoming Raya festivities. His new series, “Colors of Ramadan” was shot with the new Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, perfectly encapsulated the culture, practice and traditions of the month. The series is about how Malaysian culture and lifestyle, the joy of gathering together, the crowd at evening bazaars and the peacefulness of prayers.

As a Malaysian, my goal is to provide an accurate representation of what my country is to me – in all its charm and splendour. The Galaxy S7 edge really was an extension of my being and my vision. It showed me more than what I thought a phone was capable of doing and I too was pleasantly surprised by the unexpectedly amazing shots.

– Yaman Ibrahim

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Samsung S7 and S7 edge is the first smartphone to incoporate the Dual Pixel technology, capable of producing photographs that comparable to dSLR quality; perfectly retaining every detail in contrasting shades of Malay cuisine to the brilliantly intricate architecture of the mosques. The fast auto-focus means no more blurred shots when you need to take blink-of-an-eye moments even at low-light environment. The f/1.7 apertures helps in retaining lights when you need it the most, gives you rich colours and absolute beauty even in low-light. This game-changing smartphone never does fail to impress.

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