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The best HomeKit devices rely on Siri to get things done using voice commands and integrate with different smart home gadgets. Siri is one of the reliable names for iPhone and iPad users and now you can also use this virtual assistant to use with different smart home devices using Apple’s HomeKit platform.

The best HomeKit devices allow users to do more with smart home devices and expand their capability. This includes controlling gadgets including smart light bulbs, smart security cameras, smart light switches and many other devices just by using voice commands. Whether you communicate using Siri or using Apple HomePod smart speaker or iOS device, the assistant is capable of making your home more smart and secure. HomeKit might not be able to gain popularity like Alexa or Google Home, but the number of companies that support Siri is growing exponentially.

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What is meant by HomeKit Devices?

The best HomeKit devices cover almost all smart home categories and power smart speakers, smart lights, streaming devices and even smart locks. Though this is not the end of the world, the Apple HomePod tops the list amid different HomeKit devices because it is more user-friendly to get other Siri-enabled smart home gadgets online. Let’s have a closer look at the different Smart HomeKit devices available:

Apple HomePod

The Apple Home puts Siri in almost any place in your home. This can be your kitchen, your living room, or any other place that you wish to put in control within your home. It does not require your iPhone or iPod to stay near the device. You can direct the voice assistant to inform you about the traffic conditions on the road, shuffle your playlist on Apple Music, or control other HomeKit devices.

WeMo Mini

The WeMo Mini is one of the best devices to make your dumb devices smart. It uses the Home/away mode that easily pairs with smart home platforms and is wider than many other smart plugs. WeMo Mini is one of the widely used and is very thin in size. You can fit this device between two devices per outlet. You might not be able to monitor energy like many other smart plugs and related devices, but the Mini is compatible with all the major smart assistants and can be controlled by Siri. There is a physical switch so that you can use your voice or an application to turn on or turn off your appliance. All you need to do is switch on the WeMo. You can also find the Away mode which can make it look like you are home even when you are not.

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

If you have the habit of checking and rechecking your front door if it is locked or not, you can make things easy for yourself by using the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock. You can ask Siri if your front door is locked or not and it will get you that information. You can also unlock and lock the door just by using your voice commands. The device is more compact than other devices and does not make it obvious for intruders and visitors that there is something installed on the door. You can find built-in Wi-Fi so you can forget about linking your lock to the home network using the August Connect Bridge.

Sonos One

The device is one of the most iconic smart speakers and has excellent quality audio and lets you control almost all music sources. You can pair the device with more speakers for the whole house. The only problem that you might face is that it cannot facilitate you if you want to make phone calls using Voice Commands. The Sonos One can work with a HomePod for a multi-room audio setup. It has speakers that offer outstanding audio, a user-friendly application, spatial tuning and access to different music streaming options. The Sonos music library includes the top music streaming services, podcast applications and so much more. The new Sonos Radio offers exclusive content, access to more than 60,000 radio stations worldwide, curated playlists and so much more.

Apple TV 4K

The device gets you to control some of the best HomeKit devices and gets you the capacity to control them remotely. All you need is to have a certain device that can act as a bridge to the Wi-Fi and you the most integrated streaming devices for yourself. You can use your iPad, or the HomePod as well with the Apple TV 4K. The fourth-generation Apple TV is one of the best streaming devices with iOS and macOS integration and fantastic 4K HDR content. Ask Spectrum representatives about their Silver package Spectrum and create the best and entertaining environment for your home.

Final Thoughts

You can have a look at these super cool devices that can make your life easy. Also, there is so much to offer for people who seek an amazing entertainment package along with many security functions that can make your smart home look more like a fortress.

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