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Last year, we did a really big best tech gift guide. This year we’ll be doing a new one for you – the Best Tech Gifts 2016. This gift guide will get you through this year’s brand new recommended tech, and it’ll mostly be what that caught my eyes through the year of 2016 until now.

We’ll be ranging from laptops to smartphones, peripherals, and many other accessories. I’m very sure that you’ll find something for everyone here. Of course, it’s all categorized – so it’ll be easy to navigate. Also, we’ll highlight the recommended suggestions in bold so it’ll be much more easier to navigate.

Acer Nitro 5

Without further ado, let’s start!

[alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]Items listed are with prices from Lazada Malaysia as of 24th November 2016. The final price might vary. Also, we’re not sponsored to include any brands in this list.[/alert]


ZenFone 3

I’m never gonna include those high-end phones, as they’re all pretty much overpriced phones yet they’re all the same. The most expensive phones we’re gonna include here is the budget high-end phones. For this year’s Best Tech Gifts 2016, things have shifted quite a lot. High-end devices don’t really have much more performance difference than the mid-ranged ones. Also, the battery life on mid-range smartphones somehow have greater battery life too.

For <RM 1,300

This category is simple – there is no need for the highest end of specs, but performs decently and has all of the basic things done. Suitable as a gift for parents and grandparents who don’t need the fastest and best smartphones out there.

For <RM 1,700

Mid-tier priced devices fall into this category. Fits those who wants more than just the basics. By today’s standards with this generation’s hardware, the performance is actually very sufficient. I’m personally rocking both the Honor 8 and the ASUS ZenFone 3. I’m was (and still am) torn between these two devices. Be sure to check out each of this device’s individual reviews to know more!

For >RM 1,700

Woah, big budget you have here! Nonetheless, which is where all the best smartphones out there have fall into. They offer the highest end specs within a very reasonable and reachable prices. That being said, the OnePlus One is the main pioneer of this category, so I really have to pay respect to it.


ZenBook Flip

This time around, there are a lot of focus given to ultrabooks. Not the true ultrabooks by Intel’s standard, but they’re still quite thin. Surely we’ll still take a look at student-centric laptops too. For this Best Tech Gifts 2016, I think we should highlight the fact that the due to the intensely fluctuating currency, prices increased quite a lot. compared to last year’s specs. While that might be true, laptops have gotten pretty slim and light this year around.

Also, make sure you get an upgrade to at least 8GB RAM. No excuses – and that should be the norm of today.

Let’s take a look at some of them in this year’s Best Tech Gifts 2016.

For <RM 2,000

Personally wouldn’t recommend this tier of laptops, so take this category as your final resort. Seriously, get a better laptop than these.

For ~RM 2,000 – RM 2,500

The recommended budget range for students and general users who wants a balance between performance and price, in my opinion. There are some great laptop deals here for their hardware, but definitely not the lightest to carry around. These are the most famous range of laptops in the market, and it’ll definitely be the most crucial for this Best Tech Gifts 2016. Check them out.

Other types of devices

Here is the place where you’ll find ultrabooks, ultraslim or ultraportable laptops. Whatever you want to call them. There are some of these ultrabook-esque devices which doesn’t quite fit in Intel’s guidelines of what an ultrabook should be, and they’re included here just because of its price. Few milimeters don’t bother me, but the price does. Here are some top picks for the Best Tech Gifts 2016.

Storage accessories

StoreJet 25H3 (3)

I really wonder – how much can you rely on cloud storage with jumpy internet? I mean, the Malaysian internet isn’t particularly fast or cheap, let alone both. Here are some of the more reliable old-school storage media tech that  I think is still very useful in today’s society. These are the highlights for Best Tech Gifts 2016.

For music lovers

With the rise of wireless audio and ever-dropping prices of Bluetooth speakers, here are some that I personally like.  They’re good stuff. For the Best Tech Gifts 2016, we’ve diversified a little into other forms of home speakers too.

Custom Street headband

Also, we’re not focusing on wireless earphones just as of yet. For me personally, I’ll stay out of them for now as they’re still too new. Wait for another year let it mature first before diving in. In the Best Tech Gifts 2016, we focus mostly on wireless Bluetooth speakers more.


Ducky One TKL RGB (14)

All I can say is – this is the year of RGB peripherals. There’s even an RGB mousepad, FFS. Anyway, here’s a list of a few peripherals for oyur computer that I really commend, so please check out these items before considering getting any sub-par keyboards. In the Best Tech Gifts 2016, we go through the best of the best peripherals money-can-buy and effort-can-mod peripherals in the market today.

Wrap up

We’ve reviewed waaaaaay too many products this year, and this is a condensed version of what we like in the Best Tech Gifts 2016. Some upgrades I’ve done over the course of this year is my keyboard and gamepad. Again, I’m now rocking a custom modded Ducky One TKL – now signed by Team Secret too – and a GameSir G4s. My home’s living room speaker was also upgraded to the Harman Kardon Aura Plus, and it pairs perfectly well with Spotify Premium Family plan. For audio, I’m using a Beyerdynamic CUSTOM STREET as I like the size, comfort, and most importantly the sound quality for both music and gaming.

GameSir G4s

25th November is Black Friday and the following Monday is Cyber Monday. The reason why I link everything back to Lazada whenever I can is because of their massive sales happening now. Check out their Online Revolution sales that’s happening from now until the 12th December 2016!

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And yes, remember to combine Lazada vouchers whenever you’re shopping with Lazada – you can get impossibly low prices this #LZDMYRevolution!

This concludes our Best Tech Gifts 2016 – for now. We’ll still be updating it till the end of the year! Stay tuned!

Also, leave us a comment below and tell us – which of these gifts did you get? We would like to know your feedback!

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