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Innodisk went big on AI for industrial applications at Computex 2024. They showcased several new products designed to make AI easier to use in factories and other edge computing environments.

Innodisk isn’t just selling hardware; they’re also developing complete AI solutions. Their “InnoTracking” system uses cameras to track people across different locations and time periods, improving security in cities and businesses.

For factories, Innodisk offers a PPE recognition solution that uses AI to identify workers who aren’t wearing proper safety gear. This helps to prevent accidents and keeps workers safe. Finally, their “iCAP Air” system monitors air quality in real-time, allowing factories and hospitals to make informed decisions about ventilation and air purification.

By focusing on edge AI solutions, Innodisk is helping companies leverage the power of AI to improve efficiency, safety, and security.

Boost Factory Efficiency & Safety: Innodisk Unveils Edge AI Solutions 6

Innodisk also debuted its innovative “MIPI over Type-C” camera technology. This allows cameras to connect over longer distances using a standard USB-C cable, making it easier to integrate machine vision into factories and other settings.

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