In the days of big data that we live in now, moving data fast, reliably, and in large chunks are important. At CES2018 Kingston showcases a few of their upcoming products ranging from enterprise to consumer market. Even covering the mobile and embedded solutions market.

Firstly, the Kingston shows off the Nucleum, a 7-in-1 USB-C media hub that’s made for the newer Apple MacBooks since they only come with USB-C ports. The Nucleum will join the Kingston Bolt OTG drive in the mobile lifestyle line of products.

Kingston Nucleum Type-C Hub
Technically, it’s not exclusively for MacBooks only.

Secondly, 40 of the Kingston DCU1000 PCIe NVMe U.2 SSD was placed in a 10-bay 1U rack-mount server and showed scalability to achieve a mind-boggling performance through U.2 interface. These U.2 server bays are expected to enter the mainstream market this year.

Kingston DCU1000 SSD
The rise of U.2 drives.

Kingston also demoed the performance of both DCU1000 and DCP1000 NVMe SSDs through real-life usages. They’re shown playing back, editing, and color-grading 8K RED raw footage and 4K 16-bit float EXR footages in real time. Having the processing power to do perform the action is one thing, but having speedy storage to preview them in real-time is another issue. Personally speaking, having a speedy storage for smooth video preview during video editing a bliss.

With the rise of security concerns in computers, and entire line of encrypted USB drives were also showcased. These encrypted USB drives are made by Kingston and IronKey, which Kingston acquired in 2016.