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As Malaysia moves toward the coexisting endemic phase with COVID-19, CLEA has come out with a virtual solution that expands towards the automated and streamlined process of getting a test for the virus.

CLEA Virtual COVID-19 Screening App

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The new app aims to provide a practical way of providing access to COVID-19 tests due to lockdowns and zero-COVID strategy no longer feasible in the current state of things. Therefore, user submissions are automated and streamlined while worked by qualified doctors partnered with CLEA without any forms of in-person consultations that also reduce COVID-19 contraction, by the way.

Within 24 hours from submission, the test results will be virtually verified alongside the identity of the user while the entire process is protected by TAC codes to make sure these medical data don’t fall into the wrong hands. What’s more, screening results are applicable to many places that require test reports and you can always carry them with you for maximum convenience. On top of announcing the app, CLEA has closed a deal with Gmate who sells COVID-19 rapid self-test kits to bundle along with a complimentary screening credit so you can get the best of both worlds with a single price.

Lastly, you might think that this is for the mass public and that is true, but the app also has built-in HR management tools for large scale deployment within the industrial sector so even factory owners and alike who utilize a large number of human labor can definitely get screenings done in a much more affordable and quicker way.

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