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Konami together with Exit Tunes brought their two famous arcade games to Comic Fiesta 2015. The latest Sound Voltex III – Gravity Wars and MÚSECA.

Credit: Raymond Choo BY-NC-ND
Credit: Raymond Choo

Particularly, Sound Voltex has been a dream for Malaysian rhythm game players to play it locally. The nearest unit available is in Singapore and it has been a few while that people has been saying that there was no arcade in Malaysia that had the budget to bring them in. Just on the event day, Cobay announced that they are the ones who are bringing in the two machines over.

Credit: Raymond Choo BY-NC-ND
Credit: Raymond Choo

Konami bringing it to Comic Fiesta 2015 was unannounced until the day itself. Together in the Konami booth, the famous composer DJ Yoshitaka was with the players to introduce the machines to Malaysian fans. DJ Yoshitaka is the major composer for various Konami arcade rhythm game such as Beatmania IIDX, Dance Dance Revolution, Jubeat and others. You might recognize his most famous song, FLOWER which is almost on all of Konami’s arcade machine and even on Sega’s Mai Mai.


The machines are available from 21 DEC 2015 to 3 JAN 2015 at Cobay in Berjaya Times Square(6th Floor) for location test purposes. The fate of the machine after the test period is up to the performance of those machines. So far, it has been reported that there are almost 40 plays per day since the test period began.

Do come and drop by the arcade to show your support!


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