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It was another year full of animation, comic and games(ACG) event for Malaysia and was wrapped up by the none other, Comic Fiesta – The largest ACG event in Malaysia. Last year the event attracted an estimate of 45,000 attendees and it has gone higher this year with 55,000 attendees.

Comic Fiesta 2017 Stage Highlights
Comic Fiesta 2017 Stage Highlights

This year they have returned to KLCC after two years of trying out new venues; The Mines(2015) and PWTC(2016).

Every year, it is always  asight to see a large number of Malaysian youth embracing the ACG culture and enjoying the content we have offered

-Comic fiesta chairman, mr lim chin hwa

International talents and studios came down to Malaysia last weekend to feature & promote their works. Noticeable studios such as Studio TRIGGER, a leading Japanese animation company responsible for the iconic animes such as Gurenn Langann, Kill la Kill & Little Witch Academia.

Besides animation studios and cosplayers, the main guest of the night was Mr. Nobuo Uematsu; The Legendary Father of Final Fantasy music featuring his band, Earthbound Papas. Having performed world tours & two released albums, their fans gathered last weekend to be amazed yet again but this time with the theme of video game rock concert.

Comic Fiesta was supported by Malaysia Digital Economy Cooperation(MDEC) so naturally we could see the event as a must-go for illustrators, comic artists, cosplayers and fans. Local studios such as Inspedia & Lemon Sky Animation was also at the event to showcase their artworks, games and animation at Comic Fiesta 2017.

Danny Choo, the founder of Culture Japan which is better know for its line of product, Smart Doll was also present during the event for showcase. However, there is still no sign or any hint about the original vision of the Smart Doll line which is the automatic or robotic version. Who knows, maybe we’ll see those next year. The anticipated Mika Jougasaki version Smart Doll has not been released yet as of Comic Fiesta 2017.

Smart Doll at Comic Fiesta 2017
Smart Doll at Comic Fiesta 2017 Credit: Azim

Here are some highlight photos that you might enjoy 🙂

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