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I’ve always wanted to get myself a proper microphone. Previously, I bought a lavalier microphone but it didn’t work the way I wanted it to. I ended up selling that and opted for a condenser microphone setup instead. This is what I got, and how I made everything work out.

It’s rather simple. I knew nothing about condenser microphones prior to this project, and I spent a fair amount of time researching about condenser microphones. Previously, the lavalier microphone that I bought was the Aputure A.Lav. While it was great, I found myself more comfortable doing voiceovers rather than recording both audio and visuals together. So, I sold that microphone and opted for something that can do voiceovers.

Acer Nitro 5

Enter this little project. I got this condenser microphone because of two reasons – doing voiceover for videos, and also using it for gaming purposes. I realized wearing a lavalier microphone that requires charging its battery is a bit troublesome. If I leave it plugged into the charger while I’m using it however, there will be static introduced.
I don’t want that!

Few things I want to get addressed

My main goals for this project were simple. I had only 3 goals, which were:

  • Low-priced. Other microphones were priced at least RM500. Not really an appealing option for a beginner.
  • Sounds good. I believe low-priced things can still perform decently. This was the most difficult of all goals, by the way.
  • Functional. In a way, I want to wear my headphones without Jerry-rigging a Mod Mic-esque solution with it. In a way, I want to get started faster.

With these goals in mind, I set out to find my perfect little condenser microphone solution. After a few hours of research, I found these items and went for it.

List of items

I’ve gotten the most basic items here. They’re functional, but aesthetically it might be a little questionable. I’m more of a function-over-form guy, so if it works as intended and I don’t have to break my bank, I’m already happy with it. The only special thing I’ve gotten for my setup here is the orange-colored microphone body. Again, it’s functionally the same as others. I’ve chosen the orange color for pure aesthetic purposes.

condenser microphone
They all look the same and performs the same anyway, so just buy the lowest-priced one.

Anyway, here’s the list. Feel free to use this as a guide and pick your own variants of items instead.


Option that I selected

Price (¥)

Price (RM)

48V Phantom Power

First option, no only power brick and phantom power source



Pop Filter



Boom arm

NB-39 with XLR cable



BM-800 Microphone

The option with shock mount, XLR-to-3.5mm cable, wind sock






Prices above are excluding shipment. Prices are also not definite and can fluctuate.

*For Amazon US link, click here!

Is it good?

The final price to pay was less than RM200, actually. I have a VVIP account on EzBuy, and I used sea shipping  (which was still available at that time) and waited for nearly 2 months to receive it at my doorstep. I got very excited, then proceeded to start the unboxing, assembly, and test.

condenser microphone
It’s surprisingly sturdy!

Obviously, there is no better way to showcase the condenser microphone in action than actually doing a video with it. Here I’ll show you the unboxing experience, I’ll share you my mistakes and what I learned from them, and also the solutions to my issues.

The video above is voiced entirely using this setup alone and had some post-production to remove background noise, normalizing and amplifying the volume, and adjusted some of its frequencies. I also used the microphone without any post-production and played Overwatch competitive using it – and according to my peers, it sounds great!

Overall, I’d say it’s a pretty low-cost solution to the issue. In fact, all of our videos since November were voiced using this microphone setup. Again, for a beginner, I think this is reasonably-priced and yet offers a very good voice quality.

There’s another alternative too – and that’s the AVF Gaming Freak Chanter condenser microphone that costs about RM300. You can check out the review of that microphone over at Tekgila’s channel too!

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