First off, congratulations to Cooler Master for staying active in the scene for the past 25 years! More impressively, is that the constant improvement and reaching out to more fields of PCs over the years. As a celebration of their 25th Anniversary, Computex 2017 Cooler Master brings out some fantastic announcements with new products!

Computex 2017: Cooler Master Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary 1
The legendary Cosmos II returns in the form of Cooler Master’s 25th Anniversary Edition!

Cooler Master now defines itself to cover the 4 “essentials” on what PC users look for – design, customizability, software, and functionality. As Cooler Master announces a slew of products every year, they’ve promised us that each of these highlighted products will be available in the market by the end of this year.

ASUS ZenBook 13 UX333


Firstly, let’s talk about cases – that’s what we truly know Cooler Master for. There will be a total of 3 different cases launched here – MasterCase H500P (a.k.a. the HAF series), Cosmos C700P, and the new Q-series of cases.

These cases are a combination of legendary HAF and Cosmos series of cases – with a particular highlight to the new Cosmos C700P, because it’s truly beautiful. Now, we all know that the iconic Cosmos II just got a brand new 25th Anniversary Edition, but this is a true refresh and reimagining of the entire case.

It still has that iconic handlebar design and roomy interior – but this time, they’ve upgraded to a truly modular concept too, with removable motherboard tray for easy installation. This time around, they’ve even made it so that the entire motherboard tray can be inverted. That’s how to Make It Yours.

Then there’s the H500P. Since this is a reimagining of the HAF series, it’s obviously going to have high airflow. I personally own an HAF932, and I’m pretty surprised by how close Cooler Master stuck to the original design language. The H500P should invoke images of large fans and sturdy cases, something Cooler Master has kept in the design. Different is the trimmer profile, polygonal frame for air flow, tempered glass and 200mm RGB fans – because hey, RGB is all the rage these days.

Then there’s a Q-series of cases. These are something special from Cooler Master – and they’re really pushing the conventional tower-style cases into something more like a piece of art or furniture that is functional yet serviceable.

Of course, there’s a showcase for the MasterBox Lite 5 RGB and MasterBox Lite 3.1 too.


What’s Cooler Master without coolers, am I right? Henceforth Cooler Master’s announcement on their upcoming CPU coolers is indeed something to look forward to – like their new MasterAir Maker 8 with a new 3D Liquid Vapor Chamber.

Then there’s the new MasterAir Maker 3DLV Concept that looks absolutely baller like the Cooler Master V8 on steroids with its humongous size and shroud. Same goes to the new Hyper 212 Turbo RGB too – it looks really sleek with that shroud and RGB lights underneath, although it looks like the fans are integrated into the cooler shroud too.

Power Supply

I think no one likes extra cables showing in their case – especially with RGB. It’s something that we try to keep it to a minimum while looking colorful and beautiful – so we can color-coordinate it with our entire build. This is where Cooler Master brings in their new MasterWatt power supplies with pre-sleeved options in different colors. Each cable will be checked and certified by Cooler Master and sold on their own platform. If sleeving is not your thing, they are adding colors to their flat ribbon cables. Even the case itself is in the paint shop with an experimental red finish identical to the MasterCase Maker 5t, and recessed RGB LEDs trimming its new MWE series of more affordable PSUs.

Computex 2017: Cooler Master Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary 22

One of the MasterWatt power supplies has gone fanless too! While power supplies being fanless are a fairly new thing, that doesn’t stop Cooler Master from doing something out of the ordinary to it. According to their engineers, the Titanium-grade PSU is a “true” fanless in the sense that it runs at normal load percentages up to 40°C instead of using larger wattage supplies and capping the rails at half load.

Peripherals & Accessories

Cooler Master got into the peripheral line for quite some time, and they’re expanding their lineup of products too with 2 new mice, 2 new keyboards, and a headset.

Floating keycaps on both the flagship MK750 keyboard and the MS120 “clicky” membrane keyboard give a visible boost to illumination levels. Settings can be made and saved on the keyboard internals without having to fuss with external software. The two mice have gone the way of right-handed orientations, contoured specifically for the two main gaming grip styles of palm and claw.

Computex 2017: Cooler Master Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary 37

As for the accessories, Cooler Master just announced their new RGB controller hub for you to hook up all of your RGB LED strips if your motherboard header doesn’t have an RGB header. It will have a new controller software too, and Cooler Master claims that it works with Ryzen 7’s Wraith Max RGB already – which is a good sign!

More “Make It Yours” Products

Options for easily customizing products to your preferred look and functionality are extending beyond the MasterCase’s FreeForm Modular System and 25+ accessories. Most notably is Cooler Master’s first foray into a DIY liquid cooling kit since the days of the Aquagate. The MasterLiquid Maker 240 lowers the installation curve by providing everything in the box, including less hassle soft tubing, magenta red stock coolant, copper fittings and a beautifully finished water block.

Although the modular concept of the MasterCase’s FreeForm Modular System is still expanding to over 25 total accessories, there are new players in town with the MasterBox Q Series. The unique “cube” design of the Micro-ATX cases is playful: the frame can be rolled and reconfigured by swapping side panels, handlebars and the I/O. One of the models actually props the chassis up like a diamond, giving it an angular, crystal look gamers will appreciate.

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