It’s that time of the year again where Noctua shows off their latest and greatest products in that they have up their sleeves. Today, they’re showing us some prototype coolers and fans alongside with a few coolers that are blacked out completely. The fin stacks and the fans are blacked out too. Then, Noctua also showed us some early prototypes of a desk fan bracket.

Next generation tower coolers

First and foremost, Noctua shows off a new generation of tower coolers. The NH-D15, NH-U14S, and NH-U12S are getting and update by having more heatpipes and different fin stack dimensions.

Noctua next generation NH-U12

The next-generation NH-U12 CPU cooler is actually shown cooling off a heating 250W heating element at the demo area, beside the existing NH-U12S CPU cooler. The next generation NH-U12 cooler has a total of 7 heatpipes and 37% more surface area compared to the previous generation and uses their latest NF-A12x25 fan.

Computex 2018 Noctua

Noctua also showed off a prototype of the next generation 150mm D-type heatsink, which is supposedly the next generation NH-D15, which has a total of 7 heatpipes and that equates to 16% more heatpipe volume contact area between the pipes and fins.

Computex 2018 Noctua

The next generation NH-U14 heatsink prototype was also shown off to have 30% more surface area and 7 heatpipes instead of the 6 in its predecessor.

Computex 2018 Noctua

The existing NH-U12 was also brought to the Redux lineup with a few changes – less heatpipes and also comes with the NF-P12 Redux fan with PWM. Noctua is bringing this NF-U12 Redux to complete around the price range of the Cooler Master Hyper 212. That gives us an idea of how affordable the NH-U12 Redux will be.

Blacked out CPU tower coolers

I’m pretty sure many enthusiasts here like Noctua’s CPU coolers. I know I do – it has exceptional performance for an air cooler, and yet is quiet and easy to maintain compared to liquid coolers. However, the color is an issue for many people out there, and we understand. Noctua understands it too. That’s why we have the Chromax lineup of Noctua CPU coolers.

Computex 2018 Noctua

As of now, Noctua is updating the NH-D15, NH-U12S, and NH-L9i with the blacked out Chromax variants. These 3 CPU coolers will have blacked out heatpipes, fin stacks, fans, and even the mounting bracket. Yes – the entire thing is black in color. We did ask Noctua if there is any performance impact – and from what we know, it has a minuscule amount of difference.

Computex 2018 Noctua

Just a quick note here – there was also a custom-painted Chromax heatsink cover designed by Le Funky Studio. Really adds some character to your PC build with uncompromising performance.

Computex 2018 Noctua

New NF-A series prototype fans

Noctua is also updating their A-series of fans (sizes 50mm, 60mm, 70mm, 80mm, and 140mm).

Computex 2018 Noctua

As of now, we only know that the next generation of the 140mm A-series fan will be using the new Sterrox LCP material. Our partner from Tech Critter reviewed the 120mm NF-A12x25 here and found out that it has top notch performance.

The other fan sizes are not using the Sterrox material just yet.

More Chromax fans

Noctua is also bringing more fans in its lineup to have Chromax variants. The NF-A20 PWM, NF-A12x15 PWM, NF-A9 PWM, NF-A9x14, and NF-A8 PWM are getting Chromax’d. Blacked out fans with colored anti-vibration pads.

Computex 2018 Noctua

Concept desk fan with Airflow Amplification System

Noctua is making a desk fan! Well, not really. It’s an adapter that makes the Noctua fans suitable to be used as a desk fan. It has this custom adapter thing that Noctua is calling it as the Airflow Amplification System. It blows air in a specific way where the airflow is focused and converges in a conical manner.

We stood across the booth’s isle and we can still feel airflow blasting through our face after a good 1.5 meters or so.

Noctua Desk Fan with Airflow Amplification System

Of course, the design for this Airflow Amplification System isn’t final. The concept and the objective Noctua is trying to achieve seems to be finalized, though.

Noctua Desk Fan with Airflow Amplification System

Which brings us to another note – Noctua has 5V versions of some fans like the NF-A20, NF-A14, NF-A12x25, NF-F12, NF-A9 and NF-A8 fans. These fans also have 3-pin and 4-pin PWM variants and uses an OmniJoin adapter set for use on proprietary fan headers. It also comes with USB power adapter cable for use on powerbanks, smartphone power supplies, OTG, etc. and has integrated polarity protection.

Combine the 5V fans with the Airflow Amplification System, Noctua is really ready to enter the desk fan market.