Within this week alone, Cooler Master launched  3 brand new PC cases – the MasterCase Maker 5t, the MasterCase Pro 6, and the CM 590 III. Let’s take a look at each and every single one of them and determine their function, and what they are for.

Both MasterCases are compatible with Cooler Master’s FreeForm Modular System – so these cases offer a high degree of customization and freedom, so you can customize to your heart’s content and truly Make It Yours.

MSI Creator 17 Mini-LED

MasterCase Maker 5t

The MasterCase Maker 5t has a lot of difference compared to the MasterCase Maker 5, as it now focuses more towards a “sharper, bolder look, like a sports car“, as said by Mark Severin, Case Marketing of Cooler Master. By the looks of it, the MasterCase Maker 5t is obviously catered specifically towards gamers.

It has a few distinct features and aesthetics that make it more “gaming” than other cases – like the dual-tone red and black finish, tempered glass on both sides, a magnetic red LED strip, and an I/O panel with fan and lighting control.

Since there are controls at the front I/O, a little controller board is needed to connect all of those fans and lighting. Here, Cooler Master included a controller board in the MasterCase Maker 5t that supports up to 6 fans and 5 LED strips, with options for the fan to go high speed at 12V or lower speed at 7V, while having the LED to continuously glow or breath.

The MasterCase Maker 5t is available for purchase at a price of RM 999.

MasterCase Pro 6

MasterCase Pro 6

Cooler Master said that the MasterCase Pro 6 is the “discreetly designed mid-tower cousin of the award-winning MasterCase Pro 5” – and it has a clean flush look. All of the panels are seamlessly merged together by smooth, flush panels and into the dark metallic grey color. Surely, what’s today’s PC case without some LED? That’s why Cooler Master added a soft LED glow at the bottom front.

MasterCase Pro 6

To maintain that smooth flush look, even the I/O panel is hidden a panel. But  it raises a concern regarding airflow, right?

MasterCase Pro 6

I mean yeah, I’ve seen cases trying to look elegant and neglect cooling entirely. But Cooler Master implemented a feature where the MasterCase Pro 6’s top and front panel can pop open with a two-tirer magnetic panel system to create vents between the panel and frame. Beautiful!

The MasterCase Pro 6 is available with red LED fan for RM 699.

CM 590 III

Based on the iconic and everlasting CM 690 series, the CM 590 III is built with cleaned aesthetics of the CM 690 series, and tweaked it to suit the modern PC needs. While this  case doesn’t have Cooler Master’s modular and Maker-style freedom, it has enough accommodation for all of your hardware.

CM 590 III

Firstly, GPUs up to 405mm is supported. CPU coolers up to 159mm tall are supported. Then, there are 4 3.5-inch bays and 1 more hidden 2.5-inch drive bay for your SSD. That’s impresive!

CM 590 III

You can stuff in the highest-end hardware in the CM 590 III without issue, as it has support for up to 6 fans and removable dust filers at the top, front, and bottom. These filters are easy to clean, too.

CM 590 III

Best part is, the CM 590 III is priced at only RM 279. Very nice price, if I say so myself.

Are you going to get any of these Cooler Master cases? I think the CM 590 III is the ultimate throwback for me, since I started getting into the PC master race since the CM 690 days. Yes – before the CM 690 II was even announced.

I eventually got myself a HAF 932 though, which is still in my room as of now.

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