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Not too long ago, Cooler Master announced their MasterPulse Bass FX earphones – an in-ear monitor. Now, Cooler Master is back with another MasterPulse over-ear Bass FX headset. It’s certainly clear that Cooler Master’s direction towards audio devices is towards their Bass FX technology.


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Cooler Master touts that the MasterPulse over-ear Bass FX headset that has a 2.0 surround sound is made not just for gaming, but for music too. “How is that so?”, you might ask. The answer is simple – you can adjust your level of bass according to however you like.

If you need more than just 2.0 channel, Cooler Master will be announcing their MasterPulse Pro Over-ear Bass FX soon – which is a virtual 7.1 channel via USB, which has RGB LEDs. On the other hand, the another upcoming MasterPulse Maker Over-ear Bass FX will work wirelessly via 2.4GHz, and has virtual 7.1 surround sound together with RGB LEDs.


masterpulse-headset-bass-fx-infographic_02Anyway, the MasterPulse Over-ear Bass FX headset has a 44mm driver which is coated to specifically improve bass performance. It’s also lightweight thanks to its aluminium frame, and comfortable, as it has an extra added ear cups to provide an extra level of comfort and to isolate background noise.


The one thing I find interesting is that the MasterPulse Over-ear Bass FX headset’s earcups are magnetic. They can be detached, and that’s how the Bass FX functions.  Essentially, the lower frequency response changes when you remove to attach the magnetic ear cups.

The MasterPulse Over-ear Bass FX is now available for purchase locally at a suggested retail price of RM299.

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