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So if you don’t already know, the Cooler Master’s lineup of computer cases has this new streamlined design. It’s sleek, to say the least. But that doesn’t stop MSI from getting a partnership with Cooler Master to create the MasterBox 5 MSI Dragon Edition, a much hotter edition of the original case.

MasterBox 5 MSI Dragon Edition (5)

The MasterBox 5 MSI Dragon Edition is totally blacked out internally, with only a strip of red colour at the front and the red dragon graphic. On the right side panel, there’s the MSI gaming series dragon and logo smoothed out on the matte finish. Looks really classy.

MasterBox 5 MSI Dragon Edition (5)

As for how the case performs and feels, our friends at Pokde have already reviewed the MasterBox 5 here, and they seem to like it. As the MasterBox 5 MSI Dragon Edition inherits the same features, removable SSD brackets and HDD bays can be rearranged throughout the case. Six routing holes on the motherboard tray allows for mounting options along the front and back of the motherboard tray, and you can even mount the HDD bay and SSD bracket next to the power supply unit. With a total of nine SSD mounting positions, you can decide whether you want to exhibit your storage or hide them from view. The HDD bays (supporting 3.5” two drives) are removable from the motherboard tray too, offering a cleaner look while making space for DIY liquid cooling setups and multiple graphics cards.

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Surprisingly, Cooler Master priced the MasterBox 5 MSI Dragon Edition at RM 399, and it’s available now too. As for what I can see from Pokde, the non-MSI Dragon Edition is already priced at RM 399.
At the end, it comes down to your choice – do you want a cool MSI Dragon case to cool your PC?

By the way, you can actually buy this case from Lazada right here.

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