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Here comes a new challenger in the smartphone market! Coolpad Malaysia says hi to the rakyat, and announces that they’ll be launching two new smartphones soon.

Here’s a brief introduction of Coolpad. From what I can summarize, Coolpad is one of the largest and smartphone manufacturer in Shenzhen and listed at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Now, we all have not heard about Coolpad before this, but they have more than 10,000 patents credited to Coolpad themselves. Coolpad claims that they’re the pioneer of the now-popular dual-SIM feature. That’s rather interesting.

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Coolpad Malaysia
Coolpad won a lot of awards already!

They’re now expanding to multiple countries, and Southeast Asia is  in their radar now – particularly, Malaysia. Coolpad sees Southeast Asia as a great market for smartphone with its rapid increase in population and smartphone adoption rate.

As if we don’t have more than enough now, right? Wrong – it’s always good to have competition, and at the end of the day, only we consumers will benefit. More competition means more choice and potentially lower prices too. Here are the two smartphones that Coolpad Malaysia has been teasing.

From the looks of it, yes – they’re bringing in the Coolpad Sky 3 Pro and Coolpad Roar Plus first. It seems like their higher-end smartphones like the Coolpad Charger S1 will have to wait.

Are you excited for Coolpad Malaysia’s arrival?
Do visit them on their Facebook page – I can feel that something big is coming soon 😉

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