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Coursera has released a new study that examines COVID-19’s impact on skills and learning trends among women in Malaysia.

Coursera’s Women and Skills Report (WSR) - Insights on Malaysia

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The data compiled for the study are recorded from the pre and post-pandemic era where thanks to the COVID-19 destroying the economy of countries including Malaysia, the unemployment crisis still continues until today but for the fortunate group that has the chance to remain financially stable, Coursera has seen the rise of new women learners growing up to 51% of the demography in 2021, up from 2019’s 42%. Out of all available courses, the STEM sector is getting more attention as well reaching the 36% mark compared to just 29% 2 years ago.

The study also included the top 5 courses Malaysian women have enrolled in with ‘Communication’ topping out at 70,000 and ‘Probability and Statistics’, ‘Leadership and Management’, and ‘Entrepreneurship’ sharing the 50,000 mark with ‘Computer Programming’ taking the 5th spot at 40,000. Aside from this, Coursera has also noted that thanks to the growth in mobile computing, 44% of participating women are keener into using mobile devices to access the platform compared to men at 41% thanks to the maturity of portable technology.

All in all, Coursera’s offering of several certificate training programs dedicated to entry-level digital jobs has paved a fresh new pathway for not only Malaysian but women around the world to start engaging in technology one way or another. At this rate, perhaps one day some outstanding achievements will be attained by Malaysian women in the tech world, too?

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