It’s the festive seasons and if you’re still wondering how to design a good-looking Christmas Card, perhaps you can take a look at Fotor where it packs a whole lot of design templates for you to choose from. Even if you prefer to be more adventurous by designing the photo cards with your own photos, this online tool can be very helpful as well.

In this article, I will break down my Christmas card design process by using some of the key features with Fotor online photo editor. Take note that we have the Fotor Pro subscription, hence we are able to use some of the premium preset and tools.

Choosing a Template & Preset Design

Create Beautiful Christmas Cards with Fotor 1

The first thing you have to decide is which kind of artwork you’re planning to make. They have various types of resolutions specifically designed for certain social media platforms. For instance, square templates for Instagram posts and rectangle templates banner or cover images. In this case, since I’m making a simple image to be posted on social media, I picked the Facebook Post option.

Create Beautiful Christmas Cards with Fotor 2

After choosing the resolution, we are now greeted with another screen with a blank canvas. The toolbar shows all the available design presets so even beginners can get started with designing without any trouble. However, I wish Fotor could have added even more design presets especially those matching with the festive seasons.

Stickers & Fonts

Create Beautiful Christmas Cards with Fotor 3

We have chosen a design and proceed to add our own design. The simplest way is through the stickers function on the toolbar. Just like many photo editing app on your smartphone, stickers can be drag and drop into the canvas. Resizing, position and changing the colour of the sticker all can be done through the What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) tool.

Create Beautiful Christmas Cards with Fotor 4

So, we moved around the stickers and even uploaded our own logo into the canvas. Fotor has cloud storage option, thus all your uploaded images would be saved for future usage.

Create Beautiful Christmas Cards with Fotor 5

When I proceed with the font editing, colour me surprised because the available typography is simply mind-blowing. Easily over hundreds of selections right there and I believe you can find one of them suit your design taste.

Exporting & Cloud Save

Create Beautiful Christmas Cards with Fotor 6

As we’re done with the design, the next step is to export the image. There are a couple of options available for you to choose from. Either JPG or PNG for online use, otherwise, they also provide PDF export if you want to have the design printed.

Create Beautiful Christmas Cards with Fotor 7


Merry Christmas from Wavelength Network Team. What do you think of our Christmas e-Card? Do let us know your thoughts and if you’re interested to make your own Christmas artworks do check out Fotor online photo editor as well.

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