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When it comes to gaming headphones, you do need to fine tune it a little to get that sweet bassy frequency response with emphasis on the vocals too. Here’s where the new Edifier G4, G20, and G10 comes into play – literally.

There are 3 gaming headphones. Each are driven by 40mm neodymium drivers and have 7.1 virtual surround sound to get that extra unfair advantage in games when it comes to positional audio.

Edifier G4

This is a direct follow-up upgrade from the Edifier G3 gaming headphone, now with a more advanced sound positioning technology and retractable boom mic. It still comes with the built-in soundcard like its predecessor too.

Edifier G4

This time around, it seems like the design of the G4 is a little more dialed-back when it comes to its aesthetics. It’s looking sleeker and more elegant compared to its predecessor and has a larger earcup with thicker padding.

Price of the Edifier G4 is at RM239. Pre-order it here.

Edifier G20 & Edifier G10

These two gaming headphones are similar to each other in terms of specs. Both are still able to deliver virtual 7.1 surround sound with 40mm neodymium drivers.

The Edifier G20 is priced at RM139 whereas the Edifier G10 is priced at only RM99.
Pre-order the Edifier G20 here, and the Edifier G10 here.

Edifier G10
Edifier G10

All these gaming headphones are available for pre-order now at Inter-Asia’s website and will be available in stores nationwide starting next month.

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